Monday, July 01, 2013

Simplicity 4076 - My Most Used Pattern

If I had to name the pattern I have made the most, Simplicity 4076 would be the hands down winner.

I had to make TWO collages so I could most of the shirts featured.

Why do I like this pattern so much?  The fit is the first reason, several variations in one pattern envelope and the main reason - I can make it so many different ways, I have morphed it to resemble RTW tops..  Also, Simplicity 4076 was named Pattern Review's Pattern of the year 2008 and 2009

Check out the blogposts for these 4076 tops but there are a few I did not blog about.  Several of these tops I do not have anymore, just wore them out or made them so long ago the styles have changed..  You can still purchase this pattern at

What is your most constructed garment?


  1. Simp 4076 shows up quite a bit in my wardrobe, too...originally the twist top, but the gathered neckline/cap shirt combo is the most common version. You've really gotten creative with it! I need to go study your interpretations now that they're all linked up...

    My 'most used' pattern is probably Jalie 965, but I haven't done anything creative with it...just made about 16 tank tops from a rainbow of colors, because it works so well as a bottom layer.

  2. You have really used this pattern well! Those are some lovely pieces. You of course know that my TNT dress pattern is my gave and most used pattern.

  3. Yep, have that pattern. Haven't sewn it as many times, but it certainly is a good one!

  4. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I also made countless Jalie 965 tanks, but these days the Renfrew top is quickly becoming the most used. I like it for the same reason as you like your 4076 - versatility.

  5. You certainly got your money's worth from this pattern! Yet every top looks unique. It is nice to have some patterns that you can turn to for a "quick fix" for something new to wear.

  6. I adore Simplicity 4076. The only version I haven't made is the twist top. Love love love the gathered front.