Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Spring Coat - Progress Report 1

This project has moved from my cutting table to the cabinet to the counter top.  I have wanted to make it for 1-1/2 months but other things just kept getting ahead of my coat.  Now with no serger until June 13th, I thought it was the perfect time for a tailoring project.  Meet Vogue 8884 and this is the view I am using

source - Vogue Patterns

and  Mood Fabrics' Marc Jacobs linen and cotton woven is the fabric.  I adore this fabric.

I started cutting this coat a couple of nights ago.  I am cutting each pattern piece in a single layer, and straightening the fabric each time on my cutting table, like this picture:

The fabric is lightweight and I am underlining each piece with  Fashion Sewing Supply's Pro-Weft Supreme LIGHT-weight Fusible Interfacing, which on the website states, "ithe best weft-insertion interfacing available. This light weight interfacing is soft and supple with a brushed surface. Perfect for tailoring applications such as underlining and collar/lapel shaping...on light to medium-weight fabrics."  Perfect for my coat.

This morning before work I finished fusing on all the Pro-Weft and I am ready for my next step tonight.  I do need to point out, the Vogue pattern does have instructions for fusing tricot knit interfacing on every piece.

I am going to post in-progress posts on this jacket, since it will have several details throughout the process and then it will be my nest Mood Sewing Network post.

Now tell me is there a project you want to make but other projects inch their way in front?


  1. Nice coat pattern and without too many details should go together pretty easy. Matching of the checks will be the hardest bit. Looking forward to seeing it done :)

  2. Your coat is going to be WONDERFUL Lori!

  3. P.S. Thanks for the interfacing tip!

  4. It will be fun to watch this project come together !

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I love that coat pattern and it is in my "to make" basket. Can't wait to follow along. ~Teri

  6. I can see why you want to make this spring coat. The fabric will be lovely to wear.
    I like the idea of fusing the whole coat to give it good shaping for many years.

    Right now I'm just going to ponder and wonder around fabric until my next project comes to mind.
    Looking forward to watching your coat progress.

  7. This will be lovely, Lori! Spring coats are so smart - how I wish I had made one this year :)

  8. Oh! This is going to be beautiful! And I love FSS's interfacings - only ones I use!

    I totally hear you on projects fighting for attention! I am working on a bunch of gifts before I can get to a strapless summer dress and some pencil skirts for myself. Sigh.

  9. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I LOVE this! It's going to be great! That fabric is a perfect match for the pattern!

    Oh, gosh, I have so many projects that keep getting bumped to the back burner, but one that I'm thinking of is the Sewaholic Minoru jacket. I bought the pattern ages ago, and the fabric several months ago, but I can't seem to find the time to prioritize it!