Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Time Calls for Knit Tops- Three New Ones for Me!

A staple of my summer wardrobe is knit tops but I try to change it up a bit with the knit tops.  If I am using a more common fabric, then I like to use a unusual knit top pattern but if the fabric is fabulous on its own then I try to use a more basic pattern to showcase the fabric.  It was hard to decide which knits to pick from Mood's Fabrics extensive online selection but don't worry, I was able to make three choices and add several more to my portfolio for future purchases.  Some criteria for my knit tops, they had to looks good with jeans, skirts, shorts and above all white jeans.

Let's start out with my fabric choice, the first is a Mood Fabric's Robin's Egg Blue/White Stripe Jersey Knit 

Next is Mood Fabric's Navy Silk Knit
and my third choice an Emerald rayon, which is sold out but you can find a wide selection of colors at Mood Fabric's Rayon Jersey section.

My first top is from the stripe knit and I wanted a stand-out type of pattern for this stripe knit.  It is a new McCall's pattern 6752, with several options in length, sleeve, neckline variations and a zipper insertion in the ruched band (my favorite).

Source McCall's patterns

The knit was beautiful to sew and the zipper insertion went together effortlessly.  The front of the band is the only ruching or gathering to the zipper.  I did use a longer zipper and just cut it to off after sewing on the band. Thanks to my Instagram friends, I went with the aqua zipper(majority choice)  instead of the red.  Thanks, friends, a much better look for this top.  Here is a close-up of the zipper and the gathering.

I did add an inch to the bodice to keep the top from being to short.  One thing I know for sure, another knit will be ordered to make the dress from this view, I love it!
You will see me in sunglasses, I just can't keep from squinting if there is any sunshine around

One thing you do need to watch on this pattern is the neckline is wide, more of a boat-neck shape.  Next time, I will sew those seams up just a bit more.
This top will be one of my favorites of the summer!

Let's move onto the Navy Silk jersey, a fabulous fabric which needs a simple pattern.  I ordered this navy silk jersey after seeing a navy 3/4 sleeve top with white jeans and accessories on Pinterest.  I thought what a classic, chic and timeless look with little effort and decision making.  My pattern for this fabric is an all-time favorite,  Simplicity 4076, I cannot even count the number of times I have made this pattern.

Source Simplicity patterns

I love the gathered neckline, the fit and all the views.  This silk jersey is perfect for the top and I love the feel of this fabric.  Navy is such a classic color and I have so many things to wear with this color.  The silk in combination with the knit makes this such a luscious fabric.

Here is the same picture with a closer-view

 Now check out the gathers at the neckline, I used my coverstitch machine to fasten the neckbinding down.  It does flatten the gathers but I am okay with that, I like the look of the coverstitch.

Last but not least is the emerald rayon (Pantone's color of the year) with that perfect drape and hand.  I wanted a pattern that would not cling but show the drape of this fabric.  I had a style in mind and found it closest in Hot Patterns Fast & Furious Fiesta Knit top but with many alterations.  In fact, several reviews at PR stated it doesn't look like the pattern envelope and the reviews are right.

Source Hot Patterns.

The top has so much extra room, large batwing style sleeves and too much fabric in the front - all this my opinion but many reviews state the same thing.  The one thing going for it was the initial style was what I wanted from the picture on the pattern and the Hot Patterns site.

I made the top as the pattern stated, tried it on and thought, "wow, this needs lots of work!"  I redrew the underarm sleeve to eliminate many inches from the sleeves and side seams.  Another change, was unsewing the band and removed the extra fabric from the front.  As you can see in the above picture, there is still a bit too much material.  The pattern has a curve in the front with the deepest part of the curve in the center front.  I feel this makes the top look maternity style and in the future I will make the front more of a straight line.

What do I think of this top?  Well, I love, love the fabric it has a wonderful feel and color is perfect.  The pattern needs work and I still might take off the band and cut off some more of the curve.  I do know I feel great wearing this top and I like my end results from the pattern.  Isn't that why we sew, to make things perfect for us?  I see more rayon jerseys heading to Missouri and a few more revisions on this pattern.

I have always enjoyed sewing knit tops, they are quick but have such satisfying results.

You can check out my post on these tops at the Mood Sewing Network and look at all the other beautiful garments from the other bloggers, too.


  1. I love the knit tops! I especially love the zipper detail on the striped top. I also really like the coverstitching on the blue top. I just traded in my babylock serger (My old faithful locked up the other day!) and am getting a new babylock serger with coverstitch. I can't wait to pick it up this weekend and start experimenting!

  2. Thanks, Pam, you will love the coverstitch feature. Have fun.

  3. Very pretty tops for summer. Great choices of fabric!

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Brave soul with all those knits. Love the stripe plus the rushing on the navy top.

    1. Thanks, Miss Marys, the ruching was pretty easy to do.

  5. Bravo! You really nailed the designer, high end knit garments! I am inspired!

    1. Thank you Marjenann, they are each uniquely different garments.

  6. Nice tops. The stripe one is my favourite.

  7. I've acquired quite a few knits and I've got my eye on Simplicity 4076!

  8. Looking good, Lori! I LOVE that stripe - color is fabulous. And it is probably no surprise that Simplicity 4076 is also one of my favs!

  9. I love sewing knit tops too! The three you made are so pretty and fun.

  10. Really nice tops! I just made one from McCalls too but a different view, I love this pattern too and will be making the version you did as well, I really like that one too!

  11. Love all three tops. I just bought McCall's 6752 and I am going to make view A. I really like your version of it. Thanks for sharing.