Monday, March 04, 2013

March is Lace Challenge Month

That is the theme for the Mood Sewing Network and Carolyn wrote a great post introducing the theme.  I am getting very excited for my project, it is for Paige, my oldest daughter.  We were talking one day in February about the lace challenge and I said, "Paige, I don't know what I am going to make."  She quickly replied, "a dress for me!"   I immediately said yes, after all she never asks me to sew for her much and I really enjoy sewing for all my girls.

She sent me some inspiration links
A white dress from and this one from

These were a starting off point, next was patterns.  First one was McCall's 6699

Line drawing
Source for pictures McCall's

Then she liked McCall's 6460
Which is very similar to the Galene inspiration garment.

And finally, the last pattern Paige liked was Simplicity 2178
In the end Paige selected McCall's 6699, that was my favorite, too.

The color for spring seems to be mint and that was what Paige was wanting for this lace dress.  This fabric was the winner for the dress.  It is so luscious, I love the feel of it.

I am going to underline it in the same shade of mint and the waistband is a bright yellow.

I made a muslin for Paige to try on and it needs a bit of tweaking.  She will be back this weekend for her birthday party and to spoil her new nephew.  My plan is to have the bodice constructed and we can fit that part before adding the waistband and skirt.

One thing I know for sure, she will look beautiful in this color and this style of dress.


  1. Oh this is going to be fabulous. I love that lace and how the design process goes. g

  2. Lucky Paige - sounds fabulous.

  3. This is going to be lovely!!! I was window shopping the other day and I am seeing lots and lots of lace tops, dresess, etc.

  4. can't wait to see it! I am enjoying reading the Mood Bloggers, especially the lace garments

  5. Can't wait to see what you come up with. It's going to be gorgeous!

  6. I am very sure the outcome of the dress will be awesome because you are making it for your daughter. Keep it up!

  7. Anonymous6:52 PM

    What a great color! Can't wait to see the dress!

  8. That is a gorgeous colour. Lace is perfect for spring, and anytime really imo :)