Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Early Birthday Present

You have probably noticed, I have not been sewing much lately.  There is a very good reason, I have been scrapbooking.  

Three years ago, after Paige and Jesse were married, I made her a scrapbook of all the events leading up to and including the wedding.  This was part of her birthday present.

Erin reminded me of this fact and her birthday is January 1st.  About the first of November, I got busy on this project.  Paige had one album and Erin ended up with three.  I kept wondering why it was so different and then I remembered.  Paige's wedding photographer supplied us with over 700 photographs.  Erin's photographer took many photos but gave us just over 300.  For Paige's album, I ordered the best photos and the ones I wanted for the album.  For Erin's, I ordered all 300 pictures.

So here are the 3 albums
  • the first is events leading up to the wedding (showers, dress fitting, decorating, bachelorette party, etc.
  • the second album includes the pictures before the wedding, during and right after
  • the third album is the reception and opening of presents the following day.  There are leftover pages for Erin to include the honeymoon pictures.

I could not wait to give Erin these scrapbooks, so today after Christmas brunch, I had her open these three presents early.

This afternoon I started on crib sheets for grandson, I just need to get some 1/4" elastic to finish.  I need to make a pillow and these cute hanging book displays

Merry Christmas.


  1. Great idea and I'm sure she was happy with it. Thanks so much for the comment you left me.

  2. Such a thoughtful and absolutely lovely idea! and I am sure she was thrilled

  3. What an awesome gift.

  4. That was a labor of love and many years of enjoyable memories.

  5. That's a gift she will always treasure. Although I don't scrapbook, I've found out through my daughter that scrapping takes on a life of its own. Like sewing. I like the hanging book bag, and may make a couple of those for my little grandsons.

  6. I'm sure your daughter LOVED these, and so appreciated the many hours it took to put them together!

  7. Such a thoughtful gift, Lori! The hanging book displays are a great idea. Nurserys have become so sophisticated since my daughter was a baby!

  8. Scrapbooks are such a wonderful gift. (One of those things that I have been wanting to "get into" for ages, but just can't seem to start.)

  9. What a heartfelt gift! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!