Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Three Shirts One Fabric

I bought this nice knit as a remnant while at the State Softball Championship.  It is a cotton-lycra blend and sews beautifully.
Shirt #1, I didn’t get a picture before it left the house but used Megan Nielson’s Ruched Maternity shirt

Shirt #2 is for me, I used Simplicity 4076

A pattern I have made countless times in the past but have forgotten about recently.
My inspiration is all the stripe shirts with jackets, cardigans, shirts, etc on Pinterest.
Here is one

Here is my top:
I did not have enough fabric for long sleeves, so I made cuffs.  Thought they would look cute with sweaters and jackets, folded up over the garment.

I plan on wearing this tomorrow with a black cardi, skinny jeans and boots.  We will see how it looks.
Shirt #3
I was able to squeeze out a long sleeve onsie for on-the-way grandson.  It is from Ottobre 3/20004 #2
I had one mistake, but the same end on the snap on the left.  My solution?  Just put in another snap
2 snaps
It was so nice to get in the sewing room.  My schedule is calming down and I seem to have some time now.
Off to create something else, probably finish a baby quilt.


  1. Adorable onsie, your top is great too. Love that you'll be matching your grand baby!

  2. Both items are great! And so different, from the same fabric! I like your cuff solution. I agree, it will look cute folded up over sweaters.

  3. I like your top and the cuff idea was a nice touch. You really got your monies worth with this fabric purchase!

  4. Lovely top and the onsie is so adorable.

  5. Both are great but I love the onesie the best.

  6. Beautiful fabric! I love all new clothes!

  7.'ll match!!!!

  8. Great top! I love what you did with the cuffs. How did the top look with the skinny pants and cardi?

  9. The cuffs you added actually make the top even cuter! Sometimes being forced to find a creative solution makes a garment fabulous. Nice onesie, too!

  10. Both of those are very cute! Of course, the onesie is cuter. ;) That is a great shirt for you, and I bet you will wear it often. Stripes seem to be very versatile.