Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mom–Daughter Sewing Time

Meredith wanted to do a bit of sewing on Saturday and I convinced her to making a bag.  This was the last new pattern from my recent bag/purse buying spree.  It is from Tiny Seamstress Designs and called
 Little Miss Business Bag Pattern

Photo from Tiny Seamstress Designs site
I helped her a bit, did the ruffle on my machine with my ruffler, interpreted the instructions, etc.

I think she did a fabulous job and Meredith was so pleased on how quickly it went together.  Two changes, we made the ruffle smaller and I used peltex on the lining to give this big bag some support.

While Meredith worked on this bag, I worked on her Kimi Rose pattern with the fabric she picked out.  Which is called Crazy Love by Jennifer Paganelli and I think it has a 60’s vibe.
crazy love
I am really proud of Meredith, as her sewing skills continue to improve and it was fun to spend the afternoon in the sewing room with her.
Note:  Both pictures were taken with Meredith’s camera phone.
Meredith had to work today,so it was Kaitlyn – Mom time at Joann’s and other shopping errands.  I restocked  on Peltex, fusible fleece and SF-101 from all this bag making.  Two more to go, a Kimi Rose for Erin and another Weekender for a friend.
And I did buy four pieces of fabric at Joann’s, garments here I come.


  1. Both bags are awesome. I'm also playing catch up. Congrats on your daughter's marriage, I know your new son-in-law is a wonderful addition to the family.

  2. Those are super cute bags. Thanks for sharing! g

  3. Those are both super bags. What fun days-sewing with one daughter and shopping with another. What are you going to do when they go off to college?

  4. Cute bags! Sounds like you had a some fun times with the girls :-)

  5. How nice to be able to sew with your daughter! I could never interest my daughter in sewing. The bags are cute.

  6. Congratulations on inspiring your daughter to sew! Mine don't sew but I know they would really like it once they got started :)

  7. You have been makings some really cute bags lately. How fun it must be to sew with your daughter!

  8. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day sewing together with your daughter. It is such a terrific skill to pass on to the next generation :) Those bags are super cute