Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kimi Rose Purse Pattern

Using Meredith's machine, I made Kimi Rose Purse Pattern by Purse Strings for Kaitlyn.

The description from the website
 13"h x 17"w x 6"deep
The Kimi Rose Tote is pure fun! Adorning the front of this bag is a massive multi-colored rose.
Diamond quilting adds background interest along with grommets that hold the cord-filled handles. Inside, find two large pockets for all those "girl" items and a magnetic snap closure.
This is one of several patterns from Purse Strings and all of them very cute and unique.
This bag went together quickly and the results are WOW! I had this red and aqua fabric for awhile and knew it would be perfect for Kaitlyn. She loves red.
The bag was easy to construct and the instructions were easy to follow. I used larger grommets, only ones I had. Due to the larger grommets, I had to remove the inside pocket. It was too high and was in the way of the grommets.

flower purse 2


You can probably guess the next part, Meredith wants one now.

Parting shot of my clematis


  1. Another cute bag!!

  2. I am really loving the grommet detail~!

  3. Love the aqua and red! So so CUTE!