Monday, March 19, 2012

Vogue 8747 -White Shirt -Wardrobe Basic Sewalong

I plan on wearing my white shirt this week but until then, a quick picture on the dressform.

not a very good picture, sorry

I have made this blouse before, in purple and my only change was to make it a bit bigger in the hips.

If you are participating in the SAL, how is it going?  How many garments have you completed?  Are you still enthused and sewing right along or do you feel that enthusiasm waning?  Any suggestions on what Lynne or I could do to keep the momentum going?

Here are my answers..... I need to start my camel skirt but a pile of knits is calling my name, so a  break for some quick sewing then I will be back to the skirt.  My enthusiasm wavers, then I wear a garment from this SAL and I feel the enthusiasm return.  Also, I have been searching at Pinterest for certain garments  - say "red jacket"  and getting ideas on different outfits.

So far I have made:
  1. Ponte pants
  2. ponte skirt (leftover fabric from pants)
  3. Red ponte jacket (subsititute for puffy vest)
  4. white blouse
  5. faux fur vest (given away to a reader)
  6. red knit shirt (subsititute for black turtleneck, which I won't wear turtlenecks but have several black shirts in my wardrobe - review soon)
  7. Black dress (review soon and Lynne will be doing a black dress inspiration post soon)
  8. Red tie-waisted sweater
  9. Skinny jeans - I have 2 pair of RTW so won't be making but I am going to post a RTW, pattern, fabric post this week) 
So comment away with the questions  and your thoughts on this Wardrobe Basic Sewalong.  Also, next Monday, we will have another link party to show off your great garments.

Start thinking about a wrap-up blog post and link party, showing all the garments and pictures of the outfits we can create.


  1. Hi Lori - I'm really loving the SewAlong. So far, I have made 4 items from the SewAlong (I think my latest blog title made it sound like I had made 6 but I actually meant Item 6 from the list!) Like you, I've made a few other things in between while waiting for fabric etc. I'm really enjoying having a bit of a plan for sewing and also that I will have a great wardrobe by winter (Autumn here in Aus now). I've also tried lots of new techniques and fabric and patterns. So fun. Thanks so much to you and Lynne for organising. It might take me a while to finish but I'm determined to finish all the items.

  2. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Hi Lori,

    I'm getting there. I agree with Joanne--having a plan has been really motivating, and the whole concept of this sew along has started to help me understand the possibilities of combining items. I feel like I often get stuck matching the same garments together. Thank you to you and Lynne for putting so much work and effort into this.

    So far I've made a camel skirt, tie waist sweater, blue button down, print dress, skinny jeans, and I need to finish bagging my lining on my motorcycle jacket/finish the belt/add a faux fur detachable collar.

    I've started to think about an outfit collage. Since I lack a tripod, I'm trying to figure out how to do this digitally, but I might just get a tripod too. Have a lovely Tuesday.

  3. Great looking blouse! This pattern has been on my wish list for a while. Can you tell me what type of fabric you used, and where you got it? I like a like bit of stretch in my blouse fabrics, and am having a hard time finding stretch shirting. Thanks!

  4. The last thing I'd like to sew for the sew along is a kahki skirt. Then I think I'll take a break till winter and pick up with the black turtleneck. I am happy with my RTW jeans, and I got most of the stain out of my shearling gillet, so I don't have much left to do. Maybe re-make the ponte pants if I find better quality fabric (Mine looked so promising and then stretched out disappointingly.) I'd like to try knitting a cardigan, I already have a yellow ponte cardigan from last year that works for Spring/Summer. So, if I get knitting now, I might have a cardigan for winter!

  5. The best laid they say! What I am learning through all of this is how important it is to sew with a plan . As with any plan, its SO easy to get distracted. I am finding that this is keeping me focused and even weeding out what I don't need. I think it would be fun for us to share our plans on a storyboard with pictures, and then final garment contest...make and photograph say, ten outfits.

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I actually recently just found the SAL and have finished my first piece! A pair of khaki pants instead of the camel skirt. This SAL has been for informative and inspiring. I'm muslin-ing up a second pair of pants for the black pants next! Thanks!