Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thanks Lynda

Lynda has given me The Versatile Blogger award, thanks so much Lynda.

I need to do several things in order to be a versatile blogger.

First Rule: add it to my blog. (Check)

Rule Two: thank the blogger who has given it to me. Thank you Lynda, I appreciate it so much.

Rule Three list the rules,

Rule Four  List 7 random things about myself you may not know.

1.  I grew up working in my Grandfather's clothing store (mainly western wear but he had a small section of women's and junior non-western clothes).  When looking for a college, I selected one that had fashion merchandising as a major and announced my choice at home.  My dad, being a very practical man, pointed out I would probably have to live in New York City or Dallas.  He added an accountant or teacher would be better options if I wanted to live in the midwest. Not wanting to leave the midwest,  I selected accounting as my major. 

2.  I gave notice at my job of 5-1/2 years yesterday.  I have come to realize life is too short and I am going to pursue a different job path.

3.  My favorite snack, Little Debbie Brownies, when I buy them I eat the box in a day.

4.  It wasn't until 5-1/2 months along, I found out I was having twins, pretty shook, I went into the parking lot and backed into another vehicle!

5.  I was a tomboy growing up, haul hay, feed the cattle, help build fence, work at the salebarn, were some of my favorite things to do.  My cousins and I were very close growing up, the only girl of seven cousins, was probably a major reason for being a tomboy.

6.  Shoes are my favorite purchase, passed that along to a couple of my girls.

7.  I have four beautiful, talented daughters and an incredible husband who I love very much (you guys knew that one!)

Rule Five Pass the award onto  15 deserving and conscientious bloggers.

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I was going to stop at 10 but another something about me, I tend to follow the rules, so I had to bot to 15!

Rule Six - Inform your nominee. The recipients can then link to your blog, copy and paste the award and display the award on their own page.


  1. ooo... I can't wait to see where your career path is heading !

  2. oh that's funny! We are similar in #1! I too considered something sewing/fashion related as a major in college. But then I too thought I would have to go to New York or something, and didn't really want that, so opted for Accounting instead. funny! Good luck on your new career path!

  3. Oh, new career path! That is exciting! Best of luck to you on that.

  4. Thank you so much for thinking of me! Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to leave the safety of the known and follow your dreams - good luck with your new path! I hope everyone in your wonderful, extended family is doing well. :)
    Hope to get to see you again sometime this year on one of my Moberly trips...
    All the best,

  5. I love those brownies too, but I haven't had them in about 5 years!
    BTW, I've been having bad experiences with fabric.com screwing up my orders and getting crappy fabric too.

  6. I love those brownies too, but I haven't had them in about 5 years!
    BTW, I've been having bad experiences with fabric.com screwing up my orders and getting crappy fabric too.

  7. Thank you so much, Lori! I picked the practical accounting, as well. After working in a western store, I realized I am not a good salesperson, as well. I was mainly concerned with having a stable job to keep the electricity going and keeping food on the table. I was being practical...what can I say! :)

  8. Thank you Lori for nominating me. I'm honored, haven't written that much in the past year and not reading blogs as much as I used to as well.

  9. Lori, thank you for the award. I've not kept up very well with blogging lately (reading or writing), so I was happy to read your post with the award.

  10. Congrats on the award, Lori. Well deserved! I was very interested to read your list - new career path is jolly exciting! Can't wait for more details, and wishing you lots of luck and happiness in it. You're right, life is way too short not to do it if you're passionate about something. You are a real inspiratation to so many of us, and have definitely been instrumental in getting me back to my sewing machine. So, thank you x