Monday, February 20, 2012

Quilt for a Cause

Every March, for the past few years, Paige and Jesse have attended a cancer fundraiser, hosted by a friend's family.  This year the fundraiser has special meaning.  Part of the fundraiser is a dinner and another part auction.  I decided to make a quilt to donate for the auction and just finished binding it today. 

I used a pattern from Oh, Fransson and a fat quarter pack from my friend's quilt shop.

Here is my quilt, my only change from the pattern was to add a border, wanted to make it a bit bigger.
wanted a flat view but didn't want to lay the quilt on the ground

back - using some leftover quilt blocks and polka dot fabric.

a better view of the quilt
You will be seeing a few more quilts on the blog, on Wednesday evenings I have a sewing night at my friend's quilt shop.  There is 3 to 8 of us each night (depending on schedules and weather) and we sew, chat, shop and eat.  It is quite fun, so Wednesday nights is my quilting night.


  1. Beautiful quilt!

  2. Love the quilt. Is that bias sewn down the middle of the block or a piece of fabric sewn between? It will be a wonderful piece for them to auction.

  3. Love the quilt and hope it brings in lots of $$$. I really like how the quilting mimics the blocks themselves. It's beautiful and should appeal to men and women. Good luck!

  4. I love this quilt and wish I could be there to bid (and win it) and support this great cause. I think about the special meaning for your family almost daily.

  5. What a beautiful quilt for the fundraiser! I think it's wonderful you have a quilting night to look forward to each week. I have been meeting with a couple of girlfriends every Tuesday night to play games while our boys are at youth group. I love the camaaradarie on those nights.