Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wardrobe Basic Sewalong

So have you purchased any ponte?  Any pant patterns?  Used Pinterest or saved photos on your computer of ponte pant inspiration?  I have my ponte on the way and the pattern purchased, although I may buy more ponte and another pattern.  After finding all the patterns, I was set on making a slim fitting pant but may make another pair with a wider leg look from a New Look pattern.

This sewalong is gaining steam and my friend Lynne, of Wonderfully Made, and I are going to coordinate this sewalong together.   Lynne expanded on the list with some other basics to extend our wardrobe to the next season.  Take a look at Lynne's post for her ideas and a polyvore inspiration board.

We have been brainstorming on many ideas for this sewalong, including the Sew-Along, Link Parties, and finishing up with a blogger's fashion show, a contest and lots of fun posts!

I find this entire concept very exciting and believe we can encourage one another on this sewalong.  The sewing blogging community is such an inspiration and we hope this sewalong provides inspiration for wardrobe basics.

Polyvore of items from the basic wardrobe post. Can't you see the possibilities already?

So take a look at my original post  on the sewalong and update your list of what you need to sew.  Combine it with Lynne's list and refine it to your needs, it can be one garment or it could be ten garments.

So the big question is "Will you join us?"


  1. I was thinking, I can't start this now. I don't have access to the patterns. I'll have to wait, etc. But I am getting seduced! This looks like a wonderful list, and I already have some of the key pieces! Nothing like feeling that you have a head start. I could really use these black pants too.

  2. The skirt in your previous post is pretty. Nice outfit. Love the tights and your red top.

  3. I'm on a business trip with The Male right now, but as best as I can guess from a distance, these are the items I'll be making:
    Black Pants
    White Blouse
    Camel Skirt
    A Fitted jean-type Jacket, but not in blue denim
    A Black Dress (I can't believe that I don't have one of these!)
    And, ?

  4. Can't join in now - too many other things on the sewing list at the moment. However, I do think that this is a brilliant idea. Perhaps I'll play catch-up later ... unless I get distracted by other sewing possibilities.

  5. Ok Lori. You've got me. I've been lurking since your first post. I printed out the list and I started going through my stash of patterns and tweaking the must have lists to suit me (a puffy vest doesn't work for me. Need an alt.) . I all the brain energy I've invested perhaps I should push forward. I guess that means, I'm in.

  6. I'm IN! I need some new basics in my wardrobe and I've been bitten by the sewing mojo in a HUGE way recently and have returned to my favourite pasttime with a vengence. I need shirts and blouses and some more dress pants, and I'll have to come up with a plan!

  7. I love this idea and will be watching. I really love the black and purple combo. My sewing skills are not up to investment piece sewing maybe someday.

  8. Okay, I'm in. And I've started! As I'm's my start up "post". I've got lots of the basics on both yours and Lynne's ideas lists. Just changed teaching assignments to a new school this year and I need a slightly more casual vibe....'s my plan...
    Denim pencil skirt - McCall's 3830 (basic pencil skirt, with a facing on the waist. DONE! (To be fair, started this long ago, but it sat, and sat)
    Longer Denim skirt - Vogue 8561 (A Marcy Tilton skirt - lots and LOTS of pieces) This I've started and feel like it took forever to cut out.
    White/Cream knit top....thinking the Jalie sweetheart neckline top (just won a giveaway from JillyB, but I've got lots of patterns that would work. I love a knit top!)
    Cardigan in a bright colour....maybe orange, maybe turquoise. My classroom ranges from freezing to steamy, layers are key. And...most of my cardis are black or grey. A shot of colour will help me get through the grey days of February and March.

    Okay that's the plan. When I've got pics, I'll find a way to share them. Suggestions there would help.