Sunday, January 22, 2012

Start Your Sewing Machines - the Official Start of the Wardrobe Basic Sewalong

Let's make Monday, January 23rd,  the official start of the Wardrobe Basic Sewalong.

Take a look at my original post for the basic information and for review here are the items

1. Slim Black Pants (on the segment they called these ponte pants)

2. Dark Skinny Jeans

3. White button shirt

4. Black turtleneck\

5.Camel - khaki skirt

6.Tie Waist Sweater

7. Puffy Vest (you can make this a jacket/blazer)

8. Faux Fur Vest\

9. Black Dress

You can adapt them as necessary for your needs, comfort level and style.
Let's start with the first item on the list, black pants.  Reference  my pants post for RTW inspiration, patterns and fabric ideas.
My fabric is on the way and my pattern has been purchased, so I am ready to sew pants this week.
If you are participating here is a button you can add to your blog. 
You can add it to the side of your blog with the html code to link to the original post so others may join us. If you are wanting to put the button on the side of your blog in blogger you would add a gadget and then a picture.  It allows a picture and a link.  HTH
Take a look at Lynne's blog this week for more with this sewalong and I will be posting on another garment with patterns, fabrics and inspiration.
If you post a comment on this blogpost that you are in, I will add you to the list of participants and link your blog.
1. Lori
2. Lynne of Wonderfully Made
3. Barbara of Working with Delight
 4. Jodie ( no blog but posting great comments)
5. Tonia of The Enchanted Daydreamer
6.  Angela of The Creative Diva
7. Karin of Sew Here We Go Again
8. Katie of Kadiddlehopper
9. Marie (no blog but posting comments and we can link flckr page)
10.  Yvette of Sew Today, Wear Tomorrow
11. Sandi
12. Renae of Seams Awesome
13. Patty of Sew Much Knitting
14. Jamye of Straight Stitch
15. Doobee  of Doobee's Creations
16.  Bonnie of Tres Bon Babble (informally participating)
17.  Kris O of Needle to Say
18 Nikki
19.  Mari
20.  Knitcognito
21. Dharma of Cut. Sew. Create
22. Joanne of Sunshine and Sewing
23. Amity of Amity Originals
24.  Elizabeth of E Made This
25. Sewing for Me
26. YOU??

 Now comment if I have left you off, I tried to get everyone from the previous post.


  1. Well, the best laid plans.... I went to JoAnn's and got some ponte knit, the heavier version, but after getting it home, I decided that I wanted a heavier pair of black pants. So, I cut out my black dress with the ponte instead. And, then got the flu... I've made a board on Pinterest, nanababs (Barbara Garrett) if you'd like to see my pattern choice. Can't wait to feel better.
    My blog is

  2. This is a copy of my comment from your second wardrobe sew a long post, but it makes more sense here. Sorry for the duplication.

    Okay, I'm in. And I've started! As I'm's my start up "post". I've got lots of the basics on both yours and Lynne's ideas lists. Just changed teaching assignments to a new school this year and I need a slightly more casual vibe....'s my plan...
    Denim pencil skirt - McCall's 3830 (basic pencil skirt, with a facing on the waist. DONE! (To be fair, started this long ago, but it sat, and sat)
    Longer Denim skirt - Vogue 8561 (A Marcy Tilton skirt - lots and LOTS of pieces) This I've started and feel like it took forever to cut out.
    White/Cream knit top....thinking the Jalie sweetheart neckline top (just won a giveaway from JillyB, but I've got lots of patterns that would work. I love a knit top!)
    Cardigan in a bright colour....maybe orange, maybe turquoise. My classroom ranges from freezing to steamy, layers are key. And...most of my cardis are black or grey. A shot of colour will help me get through the grey days of February and March.

    Okay that's the plan. When I've got pics, I'll find a way to share them. Suggestions there would help.

  3. I just ordered my black double knit for the pants. So I am in! Now I just need to figure out how to add your button to my blog...

  4. I am in also. Blogless though. Maybe you could do a facebook hookup or flickr hookup for those of us who are blogless to post pics? Just a suggestion though as I imagine I am one of the few who doesn't blog. Not that I really facebook either. Have my black ponte and am going to scour the patterns for a pattern. Thanks for the wardrobing help. Love your blog............ Marie

    1. Hi Marie:
      I'm blogless as well...I'm on Facebook, but not much as well. I'm thinking for pictures/posts, I might create a Google Document and make it available to can access it with a link.

      I'll play around and let you know if it works or not,

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  6. I would love to join in but am a beginner (and a very new one at that) I know I will probably fall behind but I am really hoping to join in next time round. I am inspired to expand my pattern collection now and start looking at clothes that suit my shape (hehe still trying to work out what it is exactly). I don't get many viewers but have put your button on my blog for extra coverage :)

  7. Oh, I need all of these and this would be a great way to stay on track! I keep getting distracted by something shiny... I already had plans for black ponte pants and dark skinny jeans and I already have a self made black turtleneck I love, so that is a start!

  8. I'm very excited to say I'm in! I even started a blog to more fully participate. I bet I'll learn a lot from both the sew-along and the blogging.

  9. I only want to make 2 things on here, but I did already make the black pants last weekend with mccalls 6404. :-)