Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 11 in 2011 for Me

Time to review what I have sewn  for  me in 2011, a nice time to reflect and re-organize my thoughts on my garment sewing.

1.  Vogue 1197

3. Simplicity 2284

5. McCall's 6282
6. Vogue 1250 and here (two garments but counting once since same pattern!)

7.  McCall's 5525
8.  New Look 6030
9. Vogue 8747
10.McCall's 6078
11.  Butterick 5495 (another one pattern two garments)

Now my observations:
This year I had a nice assortment of garments throughout the year from various fabrics.  This is good for me since I tend to sew with knits and make lots of tops usually.  My top eleven only included one (thanks, Carolyn) Simplicity pattern (yes, New Look but not Simplicity), another change for me.  In previous years, I would sew almost all Simplicity patterns.  Does this say I am branching out or the pattern companies are offering more of what I am looking for?  I would say a bit of both.  Also, I have been doing a better job of getting pictures of the garments on me, not just my dressform. 

Next year?  I want to make Vogue 8747 a couple more times, I really like that blouse.  Look to RTW for more inspiration, my Cabi-inspired trench sees quite a bit of wear.  Also, continue to make dresses, those are easy, go-to pieces in my wardrobe.

One more observation- my sewing was 50% for me this year and 50% for my daughters (mainly Erin's teaching clothes), so tomorrow a top 11 for those garments.


  1. Lori, your work is so consistently top-notch. Well done!

  2. It's a nice round-up with lots of pretty clothes! I sew a lot of knit tops myself, of course, that's because I wear a lot of knit tops!

  3. I love reading these end-of-the-year posts....and yours shows some lovely clothes!

  4. What a great review of your sewing! Everything you have made looks great and has given me some ideas! I particularly like the Vogue 1250 with sleeves. Happy New Year!

  5. Lori - I hate to break it to you but your beautiful jacket was made from a Simplicity pattern! I have to tell you though that I loved that you picked the top 11 for 2011...very nice premise...and you made some awesome pieces during 2011. Especially McCalls 5525!!!

  6. Lori - You made some great pieces to add to your wardrobe. Superb sewing and style. I love, love your chanel jacket. Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing what you make next year.

  7. A wonderful line-up of lovely clothes. I must agree with Cennetta - my favourite is your Chanel jacket.

  8. Love all the garments you made this year and looking forward to 2012.

  9. You had some great pieces, Lori. When you look back at evefything you have made dor yourself and others, it's been quite a productive year! I need to do one of these posts!

  10. Wow - what a year! I'm in awe... :)

  11. Another great year, Lori! You continue to be an inspiration to me. Happy New Year!