Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jalie 2919

I made another Jalie cardigan.  Not sure how I feel about it but I do know one thing, it is very warm and I like that.

Fabric is a velour type knit, another $1.59 a yard special and that is my last yardage of my great buy.

Here is the original review.


  1. It looks nice on you. Love the kitty in the picture.

  2. looks really nice - I am so lucky in that most of the fabrics I buy are between £1-£3 a metre. Will have to look out this Jalie pattern I am a new convert

  3. cute cardi....and warm is good! we've had our first snow this week here in Michigan :-)

  4. Lovely cardigan and even if you are not sure about it, the warmth factor will make it useful.