Thursday, August 18, 2011

School Days with Juniors

School started today and my girls are thrilled, they are Juniors, big upperclassmen.  Me?  Mixed emotions, happy because they are so happy, sad because next summer we will be looking at colleges.  Junior year please go slowly, are you listening?  Slow motion is my hope but I realize that is a dream!

Here they are
Meredith and Kaitlyn

Meredith hauling all kinds of stuff to school including her cello.  Looks like she is moving

Kaitlyn has a lighter load, no orchestra this year for her.  Yes, her hair is darker, Erin dyed it for her and Katlyn loves it.
 Now let me rephrase te part about being excited for school.  They are excited to be juniors and see their friends but here is their true feelings about school starting:
I noticed this when I came home from work, Too funny, they must of changed our chalkboard this morning!
Tonight is the softball scrimmage, so I have a couple of hours to sew or clean house.  I think I will pick sew!

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