Friday, May 20, 2011

Silhouette Artwork

My second oldest daughter purchased a house and closed last month.  She has been busy decorating and fixing up.  We used my Silhouette machine to transform some canvases.

The first one uses three canvases and we used this site as inspiration.
Here is our version:

Here is another view:

Then the second one we transformed a plain canvas into this

We used a silhouette design for the middle and then painters tape for the outside. 

Here it is in the office:

On both canvases we did a dry brushing technique for the cream paint, allowing some of the base coat to show through.

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  1. very cute! visiting via tatertots and jello

  2. You are so creative!

    Congrats to DD and her first house. How exciting!

  3. Neat! Thanks for the inspiration to get things put up on my walls.

  4. Jessica @ www.hillcountryhomebody.blogspot.com1:52 PM

    This is great! I want a Silohuette soo bad! I'm glad our big wood art project is inspiring people to fill those bare walls!

  5. Very nice! What a beautiful home for a young woman. She has much to be proud of with all of her recent accomplishments! You too!


    Lynda in LV

  6. Great work..they look beautiful!

  7. THAT is a fabulous idea! I have often used wonderful fabric stretched over a canvas frame, but this really steps it up a notch!

  8. Great use of the machine! Those are really pretty. I am getting to the point of really wanting to buy one of those. Add it to the long list of "wants", of course. ;)