Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Image M1005 Wrap Tunic

M1005 is the first one of row 2
Description: From My Image pattern magazine, winter issue 2010. This is design #M1005 for a Wrap tunic for knits with long sleeves.

Sizing: 36 to 44, I made a 38, corresponding to my Burda sizing

Instructions:  They were easy to follow, four pieces for this dress/tunic.  One thing I noticed on the instructions, the dart for pattern piece #1 is never mentioned.  So one of the first things I did was sew the dart.  Several steps are mentioned for the gathering of rigth front panel, matching the notches on the left front panel to the gathering and sewing the side seams, then sew the sleeves in the round. I did change the order a bit here:
  1. Baste the fronts together at the side seams
  2. Attach the sleeves (this is a knit and I did flat construction of the sleeves)
  3. Sew sleeve underarm seams and side seams in one
  4. Stitch hems
The translation for this design is pretty good.  On step 9, the instructions state:  "Make a seam in the sleeve", I believe they meant hem the sleeve.

Likes/dislikes:  I really liked the look of this pattern.  I have made the wrap top from several different patterns (namely Simplicity 4076) and like the look of this style on me.  I thought the wrap tunic/dress would be something a bit different.  My only dislike is the you have to lengthen the pattern pieces 1 and 3 by 18cm and if you needed to lengthen the tunic, you need to alter the piece #2 to match this.

On the fitting side - this fits fantastic, the front is high so good coverage, the drape and shirring is placed perfectly.  Also, if you look at the pattern pieces, they are drafted with nice curves.
See the back of my dress:

Fabric:  An ITY from from the last knit sale

Changes:  Added 1" at the waist for pieces 1-3 for my long waist.  Added 1" to the sleeves.  Also, I inserted 1/8" elastic to the neckline, pulling in the neckline just a bit.

Conclusion:  I really like my new top, if fits like a dream, was quick to construct.  I think I can wear this several different ways:  with tights and boots (gotta check the length), leggings with boots or flats or with skinny jeans and boots ( maybe on this one).  With a cardigan, vest or jacket, too.

Front of dress hard to see the details

View of neckline and gathers


I will get pictures of me wearing it soon.


  1. Very nice! I like both the style and the fabric. Good to hear the fit was good too. I wish my magazine would hurry up and arrive.

  2. This is gorgeous, Lori! So classy. I adore the print.

  3. So bold and pretty. It looks like a great fit on your dress form. Can't wait to see you modeling it.

  4. I ordered this magazine after seeing your review of the long cardigan and I love all the designs. Your tunic/dress looks great, such a pretty design.

  5. That's so cute, Lori. Looks like spring! These are cute patterns. I like the 1004 coat and the 1010 jacket.

  6. So pretty! I made one for myself a week ago, however I made a 36 and it was too big. I should have known since I usually wear a 34 in tops. I look forward to see you model it.

  7. Anonymous10:47 AM

    This is simply beautiful. Where can we find this magainze?

  8. Looks lovely! Very spring-like mood.

  9. Beautiful dress! I have some of this fabric and can't wait to use it now!

  10. Gorgeous top. Beautiful style. And when people say 'where can i buy it from' you can proudly say - i made this up :)

  11. Beautiful top. The print/color is beautiful.

  12. LOVE the dress, Lori. That fabric is perfect.

  13. Very stylish indeed. I love rouching - covers all manner of body faults - on me, not you of course!