Sunday, February 20, 2011

Burda 6/2008 #114

Description: Tshirt with sleeve variations and elaticised hembands.

Sizes: 38-46

Instructions: They were pretty easy to follow.  Burda has you sew on shoulder seam, then add the neck binding, followed by sewing the other shoulder seam.  I didn't follow this - sewed both should seams then adding the neck binding in the round.

The shoulders are interesting - more of a square inset sleeve.  This has the sleeves stitched in three parts. Sew the upper edge of the sleeves to the armholes, clip to front and back at corners.  then stitche the lower edge of the sleeves in the horizontal part of the armhole.  Finally, sew the underarm sleeve.  I thought this would be difficult but proved to be quite easy as long as you do it in the steps.

Likes/Dislikes:  I was looking for a pattern for my daughter, Erin.  This pattern reminded me of shirts she likes from Maurices and I had fabric in my stash that would work perfectly. 

I really had no dislikes, it went together easily and the finished garment looks great.

Changes:  I had planned on making view 114, but after finishing most of the garment, I decided not to put elastic in the sleeves.  Erin doesn't really care for elastic around her arms.

The only other change was the neckline changes mentioned above.

Fabric:  A border ITY print from  The border is very wide on both edges, so I was only able to cut the front and back from the main print.  I decided to cut the sleeves from the border - stretch going lengthwise (with very little stretch).  The sleeves have enough ease the stretch was not an issue.

Conclusion:  A cute top, perfect for spring.  Easy to construct and a bit different than a basic t-shirt.



Sleeve Detail


  1. Great looking top, Lori. I am sure your daughter will love wearing it. It does remind me of something I would find at Maurices (one of my favorite stores)!

  2. Wonderful looking top, I love how you have used the border print on the sleeves.

  3. Great top! It looks stylish and comfortable. I bet Erin will wear it a lot

  4. Great job of handling that border print. Very nice, Lori.

  5. LOve this top! You make the nicest tops with some of the nicest fabrics... Another keeper :)

  6. Great looking top Lori! I like how you showcased the border print.