Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My Image Wrap Cardigan #105

Recently I purchased My Image Magazine from Sew Baby.  The information from the website states  it is a pattern magazine from the Netherlands with 16 patterns.  I thought I would give it a try and I am very pleased.  Here is a the website for the contents.  You can tell a few things get lost in translation but with prior sewing knowledge, a good sewing book or similar pattern you can figure it out.

My first item is a long cardigan and here is the line drawing of all the patterns.

Ann from Sew Baby made the cardigan in December and I knew I really wanted to sew from this magazine.

Pattern:  Long cardigan with pockets (which they call a vest)

Sizing: 36 to 44, I made a 38, it is a bit big.  I did add seam allowances, need to re-read the magazine and see if I needed to do that.

Instructions:  On this garment very good, I could figure it out, somethings are translated a bit differently.  For instance, the pocket facing is called the counterpiece.  Another instance, close the sleeve rush which is the sleeve band.  Don't let this stop you from sewing from the magazine, it is all easy to figure out.

Likes/dislikes:  Cute style, fun, easy to change to make this basic garment look quite different.  Shorter, sleeveless, pocket changes, etc.

Changes:  I added a bit of length.  The pattern in the magazine, has you sew on buttons, down the band and up the side of the band toward the shoulder seam.  In the magazine, there are several garments of each pattern, some of the cardigans had buttons and some did not.  I didn't see any buttonholes on any of the cardigans.  I did add buttonholes to my garment.

Fabric:  A double knit from Needle Nook

Conclusion:  A fun pattern from a great new magazine.

Front band (should of moved that buttonhole up a bit)

 Full view of cardigan:
 sleeve band
 Me in my cardigan with leggings and belted:


  1. Thanks for telling about My Image. Do you see that there is also to be a children's version of the magazine? (Like I need more patterns!) Your cardigan is lovely, and it looks great on you. I like the way you have it styled.

  2. Hi Lori! What a wonderful cardigan you sew! Nice work! Did it take long time to make?
    And I wanted to ask you what do think about SWAP 2011 - do you want to try it? It just started. I'm thinking to participate in it.

  3. Your cardigan is really good. The shape, colour and how you wear it make it a really wonderful piece to own and wear.

  4. Ruth (or anyone else interested) - Melissa of Fehr Trade did a pretty informative post on My Image here.

    Gorgeous cardigan, Lori. Oh, how I wish that double knits were cheaper and easier to come by here in the UK.

  5. That's a super cardigan, Lori! A new pattern magazine is such fun. Thanks for posting about it and also the link. The styles are great.

  6. I just bought this magazine too after hearing about it on Fehr Trade, it's good to see versions being made. Oh and I love the color!

  7. Beautiful cardigan Lori...that is on my "to make" list soon!

  8. It turned out great and looks so good on you!

  9. Great cardigan! I love it belted and with the boots!

  10. Very nice! I like it with your leggings and boots!

  11. Great look and lovely colour. I made a similar self-drafted cardigan in black knit last winter and have worn and worn it. Don't overlook wearing it open over a dress.

  12. What a wonderful style - you look so good in this - casual but stunning! I love that gorgeous colour!

  13. This looks so nice on you, Lori! I contacted the My Image designer, and she said that yes, we do need to add seam allowances and hem allowances, so perhaps this style just is loose so that you can wear it over bulkier winter clothes.