Thursday, November 11, 2010

Burda 12/2008 #113

Pattern Description:
for 113 A on page 21 - Over blouse, this t-shirt could well become one of your favorites because it's cut wide enough to easily wear it over another garment.
113B -  on page 28 - (bottom picture) - The wittily gathered neckline and narrow banded "cuff" on the sleeves give our jersey tshirt a trendy touch.  Wear this loosely-cut garment over thin pullovers and cinch with a tie belt at the waist.

Sizing - 38 to 46

Instructions and Changes: They were okay.  Burda did have you sew the side seams of the tshirt and then insert these raglan sleeves.  I ignored that part - instead:
  1. Sewed the center seam of the front sleeve and back sleeve
  2. Sewed the sleeve to the front and the back. 
  3. Sewed the underarm sleeve and side seam in one continuous seam.
The binding for the neckline was a bit too long, I took about 3" off the recommended total.

I have read through the instructions a couple of times and didn't see any pattern or measurments for the "cuffs".  In the picture (the blue background) you can see what appears to be a wide binding for the cuff. 
The top is more of a 3/4 sleeve length, so I made my own "cuff".  Measured the bottom of my sleeve, subtracted 1/2" for the width and then cut it 7" wide.  I sewed the side seam of the cuff and then folded the cuff in half and attached to the bottom of the sleeve.

One more change, the sleeve was wide at the bottom, so I narrowed it from the elbow down by 1/2"

Likes and dislikes:  I have always liked the looks of the top and never took the time to make it.  Dislike - it is hard to see the garment details in Burda's pictures. 

Fabric used: One of the rayon knits from, wonderful fabric

Conclusion:  A cute top with more of a sweater look.  I can see myself wearing this quite a bit and making more in the future.

Styled like magazine:
 Top only -


  1. Lovely, I like the styling with the white blouse and belt. Can be very well worn on its own too.

  2. Very nice! I have made that top with a thin Missoni knit and it is one of my faves!

  3. What a cute and useful top! Great for layering in the winter time.

  4. I adore the color on this one! Love it styled with the white blouse and belt.

  5. Very nice! The pleats are really pretty. I've had my eye on this pattern for, well, just about two years now.

  6. What a lovely t-shirt! Quite versatile. The colour is beautiful.

  7. I like it! It really looks great with the white shirt. I know you will get a lot of wear with this one.

  8. Very nice top! It is a really nice style - the cuffs are great and it works well with a shirt underneath. I love that beautiful rich colour you have chosen.

  9. Lori
    Burda's photos are one of my big complaints. I often look at the line drawings in the center pages and then go look at the styled photos.

  10. Nice top! Love the color!

  11. Layering! What a great pattern for layering. I would not have thought of it, thanks!

  12. I made this top and I love it, you'll be reaching for it often!

  13. Oooh, I really love this - you're inspiring me! Love the whole look and you made it in one of my favourite shades too :) I need to add this idea to my inspirations list! Great job - you've been so busy with your sewing!

  14. This top is a great wardrobe builder and has been on my list ever since I saw Nancy K.'s version in NY at a PR meetup day. Love it!!!

  15. Very cute and versatile top, I love it with the white blouse!