Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meredith's Bedroom Makeover

I started this project on August 16th and finally finished this past Sunday but let me tell you it was so worth it.

Here are the befores (put on your sunglasses and ignore the mess)

The South end
Chest of drawers before

 Scrapbook area before:

North end before;
Meredith found this mirror at a local shop, painted by a  local artist and knew she wanted it in her room.
If you are familiar with the children's book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, then you know one thing leads to another!
We started with paint, Ground Coffe from True Value for the walls, then white for the trim and ceiling.  The walls are beadboard, we installed that years ago when this room was intended for a playroom only and I didn't want to deal with sheetrock dust all throughout the house.  My contractor and I settled on this for a good solution.  Who knew it would be so "in" right now!   My older two played Barbies here for hours and you could close the door and not worry about the mess.  With four girls, we eventually needed this room for another bedroom.

I went to a flea market with Paige at the end of August and found these two prizes for $17 total

Here are the afters for them

Then a new quilt for the bed, curtains, lamp, artwork, slipcover for scrapbooking shelves the room was starting to look better.  I really wanted to paint the furniture but hubby isn't one for painted furniture and this furniture was my grandfather and grandmother's, so antique.  After buying Altar'd Painted Furniture Ebook, I really thought I could paint this furniture and be very successful.  The bed and nightstand were in the worse shape so I told hubby I would start with them and see how it went.  Well, he was super-impressed and said, do the rest it looks fantastic.  This is what took the longest time, sand first, liquid sandpaper, three coats of paint, glazing, and finally three coats of poly.  Needless to say five pieces of furniture were labor intensive but so worth it.

I will let you see:

 Meredith made the canvas with the Silhouette machine, lamp is from Target.  She saw a bedroom in a makeover magazine that had two contrasting colors and she wanted the yellow to be bright.  I looks fantastic.
Dresser after, pulls from Hobby Lobby.  This room is difficult to arrange, our home is a story-and-half, so the side walls are short.

 Curtains, bench fabric, pillows are all from Moda's Botany fabric line.  I used the jelly roll in the quilt, the colors perfect for the mirror and the wall color. 

 Hubby's winter job is intalling laminate flooring and getting rid of the awful berber carpet!


 Bedroom including scrapbook area, her room is big 12 x 24 so there is another room for crafting.  As you can tell, she has been making cards.
 Hard to get a good picture with the south window.
 New storage for the 12 x 12 paper, purchased at Sam's club.  I need to figure out how to recover the office chair.
 Full view of South end
 Side angle
We are all so pleased with Meredith's room.  The deal was I work on the room, she makes her bed every morning and works hard to keep her room neat and tidy.  Happy to report she is doing just that.

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  1. What a fantastic transformation! It looks so bright and inviting. You did a great job and I agree that all the work was worth it.

  2. What an awesome room and was worth all the work. Great job.

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  9. Wow! A fantastic transformation!

  10. So much work, but the outcome is lovely! Sounds like Meredith loves it,keeping her bed made every day is a sure sign :-)

  11. Wow, what an impressive makeover. The furniture must have taken so long to paint. But it did turn out really pretty. Your daughter must be thrilled, as evidenced by her clean and tidy room!

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  18. It is great! I love the color of the bed and the dresser!!

  19. I really supposed I might paint this furniture and be very fruitful. The bed and nightstand were in the inferior shape so I told hubby I would start with them and see how it went. Well, he was super-impressed and said, do the rest it appearances bizarre.