Friday, April 16, 2010

Been Busy

Not much sewing this week.
  • Two track meets, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Wednesday night - sewing class (taught a purse class)

The twins were in the open 800 last night.  Meredith has been running the 800, just like her dad did, I did and her two older sisters.  After Kaitlyn ran it for the first time (and did a great job), she commented I guess it is in my blood, too.  Yes, it is, Kailtyn.  Meredith placed 2nd in that race and Kaitlyn 3rd.

Baking an apple pie right now for dd#2, doing some housework, then sewing!  Yea!!


  1. I'm a total lurker on your site, but when in comes to girls HS track, I have to speak up! That is my favorite event (I too ran it in HS) and anyone who does it is TOUGH! Way to go girls!