Sunday, February 21, 2010

Simplicity 2472

Description: Dress in two lengths or tunic, belt and tie-on ruffle bib. 

Sizing: 4 to 20. I made a 12, based on this review . I am not pear shape, more straight up and down but thought it would be easier to take in that not have enough fabric. I didn’t change this at all, my knit does not have a great deal of stretch. It is a narrow dress, so keep sizing in mind if you use a woven.

Instructions: Good instructions but this is a very easy garment.
Likes/Dislikes: I like the look of the dress, a bit loose but not oversized at all. I looked at the pattern and thought great for knits but actually it is for a woven fabric, too. The neckband and sleeve band are cut on the bias for the wovens.

Changes: I changed the length of the neckband. In fact, I did a Neckband tutorial while I was making this tunic.

Fabric: A knit from Joann’s it was a bit of texture.

Conclusion: I had high hopes for this pattern. I really wanted to purchase this  Hot Patterns dress pattern
but that isn’t in the budget at the time. Simplicty patterns were on sale thought this one was similar. The pattern did not disappoint, it is fabulous and I really like my finished tunic. The girls helped me find a belt and necklace, which was a fun and made me look at my tunic in a new light. You know that idea you have in your head and then someone(s) help you get a new idea.

I place on making more of these tunics, the dress would be fabulous but I rarely wear dresses.   I don't plan on ever, ever making the bib, in fact, those pattern pieces are in the trash.

The last picture is trying to use Sew, Style and Shoot article from Pattern Review, making my grocery list.


  1. The bib is so funny! What on earth is the point of it? Is it for going out to eat in those restaurants where they put a plastic bib on you? If it has a pocket in it, you could use it for putting your teeth in while you exercise - or hiding a bottle at work.

    We are all happy to know you threw out the pattern pieces for that!


    p.s. I think your hair with the natural curl looks great. That second picture of you really shows it off.

  2. The tunic looks great on you. The belt and necklace are perfect :)

  3. That is a very nice fitting tunic. That pattern can easily be made a dress, should you ever need one. I seldom wear a dress either. But it's good to know you have a pattern all fitted, just in case you find you may need a dress. I don't care for the bib either It's an unusual idea.

  4. DARLING on you. I agree what is with the bib???/ I don't get it......

  5. Lovely tunic Lori. The bib? Oh my I hadn't noticed it before. Very strange! Love the photo of you doing the grocery list.

  6. cute tunic. interesting article on photography. however, if i had to wait for someone to help me take photos, there would never be any photos on my blog. :)

  7. That looks so good on you. Nice square shoulders. Looks easy to make too. I have a similar pattern back from the '80's but I don't think the style would suit me much.

  8. Very nice! You wear this very well!

  9. This tunic looks so great - it's got just the right amount of fullnes and shape to it and I love the sleeves. Your girls have styled you perfectly - the wide belt and necklace look just right.

  10. I also bought this pattern on Saturday, being fascinated of the fancy necklace having the certain something. I never used before a pattern of Simplicity and hope that size 12 will fit. I paid Euro 8.75 here in Germany, which is, in comparison to Burda very expensive.I look forward to the weekend in order to start "production."

  11. Looks great on you! I see where they are going with the "bib" necklace, but how they did it makes it look too bib-like.

  12. I have this pattern, and I thought the same thing about the bib! Maybe if it was attached as a neckline treatment? I haven't figured that one out! I've had this at the bottom of the pile, but after seeing yours, I really do like the way it looks on.