Friday, December 04, 2009

Trees All Over the Place

The girls and I have been busy decorating several trees and we have been thoroughly enjoying it. I thought I would share them with you.

Here is the tree we cut last Sunday, Meredith picked it out and we all agreed it was a great tree. Dad was the voice of reason and said, "Meredith, it is a big tree and will fill up our room." Meredith didn't think he was right and really wanted this tree. So, timber, down the tree came and into our home. Meredith walks by it everyday and states, "I didn't think it was that big out in the field!"

We used every ornament we had and it still needs more. The tree topper is one I made 25+ years ago, does that make it an antique? I made the tree skirt, several years ago, too.

It is big, isn't it?

Here are the white trees purchased from Dollar General for the twins' rooms. Meredith went with a purple, bright blue, orange and hot pink theme. Yes, this is the same girl who makes those sunglasses required quilts.

With the flash and she used some of her bright fabric yardage for the tree skirt:

Without the flash:

The bright ornaments and ribbons

Kaitlyn's room has aqua walls, which she picked but her favorite color is red. So the white tree has all red ornaments and garland (pom-pom from Dollar General)
Without the flash:

The tree sits in her dormer window, I have moved an ornament to the middle of the tree, see that bare spot? Now a picture with the flash:

a close-up of her red:

We have an artificial tree in the living room but I have put pictures up previously, so I won't bore you with that one. It has ornaments on it I was given growing up, it is so fun to pull out the ornaments and remember who gave them to me and where they bought them.
Sewing yes, I am doing that. I am working on an apron for my niece's Christmas, it is from the book One-Yard Wonders.
Also, I bought a McCall's pattern tonight for my wool. I can't wait to start that project.


  1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

  2. Very nice! As Sew4Fun said, It's beginning to look...Christmas.

  3. Yep--definitely Christmas at your house! I thought I did really well just getting one tree up!

  4. your trees are beautiful!!

  5. And I don't even have one up yet!

  6. Lori- how lovely your house is going to be this season- and how fun that everyone helps! BTW, I miss your wonderful Podcast-hope that you didn't get burned out- I feel that they were some of the best podcasts for sewing, creative ventures and just plain sharing

  7. your trees look great.

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