Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reindeer Pops

Have you ever visited Bakerella? I found this site about a year ago and since then Kaitlyn has been fascinated by her creations. Today, Kaitlyn decided to try the reindeer pops. It is quite the undertaking but in the end they turned out very cute.

First we had quite a few mishaps.

*Two pops ended up on the floor while the chocolate was still wet
*Kaitlyn burned one batch of chocolate bark
*Then you are suppose to make the cake balls the size of a quarter. Kaitlyn always likes bigger, think golf ball size. Good for eating, I don't have a problem with bigger but the pops and the sticks have a problem with bigger.

Here are the cake pops on the sticks drying.

Bad photo but this is what happens when the pops are too big. The weight of the chocolate coating is just too much and plop goes the reindeer.

So Kaitlyn ditched the sticks and just put the pops on a large plate. These turned out very cute and will taste just the same.

This will be my last post for a few days, Christmas celebrations start tomorrow for our family. I can't wait to see all my family.

To you and yours Merry Christmas


  1. They look fun and delicious :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Scrumptious!!!

    May Peace be with you & your family during this Holiday Season and sending Blessings throughout the year.

  3. JoanneM8:46 AM

    These are adorable. My girls would love to make these-and my boys would be happy to eat them.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Merry Christmas Lori. Enjoy your family.

  4. Yes, I'll have to show this to Annie; she likes to make treats like those. Marry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

  5. Cute!! I just made the Christmas tree ones... I thought the reindeer ones were too ambitious for me. You guys did a great job! I think I made some of my trees too big as well, but what I did was lay them down on a cookie sheet and froze them for a couple of hours. Then dipped them in candy melt. They keep together pretty well... they just needed to be completely frozen. :)

  6. How CUTE...I found this awesome website a few months ago and just love it! I can't wait to make some cute pops like yours...I don't have any little ones around at this time. Merry Christmas!


  7. Merry Christmas!

  8. Cute Reindeer! Happy 2010!

  9. such an adorable project!!