Monday, November 16, 2009

New Look 6829

Description: Misses tunic top or dress with empire waist, crossover or button up bodice front, bias skirt, and sleeve variations

Sizing: 10 to 22

Instructions: The instructions were good, easy to follow.

Likes/Dislikes: I liked the variations on a empire waist top.

Changes: I used a knit fabric instead of the suggested fabric types, which were wovens (cotton, poplin, silk, etc). With the knit in mind, I decided on a size 10 from the finished garment measurements. If I made this in a woven, fabric, I think a size 10 would be the best.

Other changes:

I made view B with the exception of the sleeves. I didn’t want to add a button cuff, so I added 1-1/2” to the sleeve length and just used an elastic casing for the bottom of the sleeve. I needed to add another inch to have my sleeves long enough, but they are cute pulled up.

I also added 1” to the body of the garment, a typical adjustment for me. Also, the pattern called for the skirt part of the top/dress/tunic to be cut on the bias. Once again with the knit, I used a straight of grain to cut the skirt part. Good thing, as I had no fabric leftover!

Fabric: Retro-knit from Joann’s fabric. The fabric and pattern were purchased when I met Gwen at Joann's.

Conclusion: A cute top, very quick to make and interesting details. I would like to try view C, with buttons or snaps. I am not crazy about my print in this top and I think a solid would show the lines and shape of this top better.

You can see the details of this pattern with the line drawing:

Not a great picture but it gives you an idea of the fit:


  1. Oh, that's really nice; I like the rather retro look of the fabric, too. Good job!

  2. That's a great pattern. Looks like it fits you perfectly. It would make a terrific dress.

  3. That is cute, Lori! I really like the line drawing of the dress, but the longer top looks good, too.

  4. Very nice! Why do so many pattern start at size 10 tho? That is a beef I have because I need a size 8. :-/

  5. Cute top ~ you really excell at making the perfect top for you!

  6. Very cute. I will be looking for that fabric at my JoAnn's. How did you handle the neckline? Did you have facings or a neck binding?

  7. Cute top! Yours looks much more appealing to me than the pattern photos!


  8. Cute top! The fabric looks great in that style.