Monday, November 23, 2009

A Giveaway

Just because:
  • it is a short week
  • the sun is shining brightly
  • Christmas is coming
  • Thanksgiving is a few days away
  • I am making my Black Friday list
  • all your nice comments
  • and many more reasons, too many to list

So leave a comment on this blog post and you could win one of the following. If you have a preference leave that in your comment.


  1. Because:
    ~I should be way farther along with my Thanksgiving prep than I am,
    ~I am starting my usual pre-Christmas panic
    ~the bathrooms really, really need to be cleaned
    ~I'm not sure yet what I'm making for dinner
    ~the laundry hasn't been folded...
    ...for all these reasons and more, I'm avoiding my responsibilities and catching up with my "virtual" friends instead!
    I've had my eye on the Stitch magazine for some time now; it looks very yummy. Thanks for the chance to win it, Lori!

  2. I always happen upon these giveaways after the fact. I would love the Stitch magazine and have been scoping out every magazine aisle lately trying to find this edition.

    I am THRILLED to have a short work week with only one more day to charge through. I should not even be on the internet looking at my inspiration blogs because that won't get the work done - but COUNT ME IN!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I love that Shadowbox pattern

  4. Because
    - It was overcast & cold I did a lot of reflecting
    - I purchased my 1st 2 loes hinse patterns
    - I have 2 days off this week
    - I need to revamp my sewing, and the studio mag would be perfect inspiration

  5. I stop by your blog every week! I'm always inspired by your clothing :) I'd love one of the magazines if I win!

  6. Oh fun! I'd love to get my hands on a copy of the latest Stitch magazine - I've been looking for it on the newstands and can't find it!

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

  7. Because you always sew such beautiful clothes and bags for yourself and your girls, I love to lurk on your blog and listen to your podcast. If you're in a giving mood, I'd love to receive the Shadowbox pattern.


  8. Would just love to get my hands on the Stitch magazine! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

  9. Because a free magazine would just make my day and give me some new creative juices I would love the Stitch Magazine and if not that the Studios one. Will have to be looking for bulbs on sale to make your last wreath project. That could create so many different looks.

  10. Oh, I'd love that studio mag/book. We are getting there on the close! I'm trying to plan my decorating and storage of all my fabric and notions. Hopefully I can even keep it neat. Here's to wishing on a star! ;)

  11. I stop by your blog every day, before I start on my school work!

    I love giveaways - even though I have never won anything!

  12. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    I wanted to mention that I stopped by Pep Boys for a car accessory and found two great sewing tools there! One was a telescoping rod with a magnet on the end of it. Perfect for picking up pins under your sewing table or for holding your sewing machine needle ($2.99).
    The other one was a telescoping rod with a mirror on the end. Perfect for changing the needle on your serger! ($1.99).

    I'd love to win the studio idea book!

  13. I love your "because"s! wish we were having a short week in Canada but our Turkey day was last month.
    That's okay though, a fun giveway can make the week worthwhile and a great magazine Special Issue like Stitches would make up for lots more than a longer week! LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  14. Happy Thanksgiving and have fun on Black Friday (shudder). I would love to win either the Stitch magazine or the shadowbox pattern. This is so neat of you to do.

  15. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Good Luck on the shopping hope you find loads of good deals. I love your blog and get so happy when you post a new podcast. Thank you for all you sharing sewing ideas. I would love to win the magazines Thanks for contest.
    Jan K

  16. Happy Thanksgiving! The studio magazine would be inspiring.