Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank you

Thank you so much for all the kind comments on Meredith's quilt, she had a huge smile on her face while reading them. She wanted to post a thank you on my blog, but school softball started last week, practice twice a day, in fact. So she is either at practice or sleeping or watching TV gaining strength for the evening practice.

The challenges had to be in on the 15th and are being judged this week, so I will let you know.

Me sewing? I made a quilt for my bed (hubby's bed, too) and it is off being quilted. Pictures later.

That is all the sewing, right now. School starts Thursday, so I will have a bit of time to do some sewing again (at least I hope).

Oh, wait, I did some sewing. Kaitlyn and Meredith were heading with a group to a local lake for boating and tubing. Kaitlyn needed a one piece swimsuit, I had just enough fabric to squeeze out the swimsuit. Here it is - I saved the day:


  1. Clever mom to save the day!Great suit.

  2. So cool to make something in less time than it would've taken to climb in the car, drive to the mall, shop till you find something acceptable, then drive home... good save!

  3. i agree with lisa. i cannot imagine not being able to whip up something at the last minute. just think what life would be like if you could only *buy* your clothes.

  4. Great suit! I'm sure your little one was very happy with her mom that day!

  5. You are very adept at making swimwear. I cannot imagine how much money you actually save by making suits. I know they are very pricey.

    Bogs have all been slow. People are making the most of summer. But, it is winding down, and soon, everyone will be back to their machines. Me included!

  6. Terrific suit Lori !

    ..and so cool that you have the talent to make them up so fast..and so professionally.

    (I've been sewing and posting all the quick graphic tees I've been making lately....no more complicated sewing for me until I get sight back in my right eye... :(