Monday, August 03, 2009

My Sewing Machine

We returned home on Thursday from vacation, listened to my messages, yea, the sewing machine is cleaned and repaired. So Friday, off to bring her home.

And here is a recap of that trip:

Blow-out on interstate, able to get off and pull over on the exit ramp. The spare tire will not lower, two people stopped to help. We live on a gravel road and the lime from the gravel did something to the mechanism (or whatever it is called). So, I call a tow truck, they tow my Envoy to a tire shop and they put on a used tire so I can get my machine and get home.

So this is the financial recap

Tow truck - $50 (thought I had towing insurance, thought wrong)

used tire - $43

machine repair - $63

new parts for the spare tire mechanism - unknown at this time

My sewing machine back in my sewing room - Priceless!!

I did a bit of sewing on Saturday, put binding on Meredith's latest quilt, a challenge quilt. Pictures soon, we have to embroider the quilt label.

Now I need pictures for this post - so here is Kaitlyn and dad para sailing at Hilton Head. Meredith and I kept our feet on the ground!

One of my favorite pictures from vacation, it was taken at Coastal Discovery Museum, which was very interesting and fun.
This was such a relaxing morning, we took our time and followed all the paths, plus the scenery was stunning.

My shorts are from Burda Style magazine, this is the only picture, I will give details later.


  1. And what about a photo of the precious sewing machine?
    BTW... my name is kathya and i love you blog.

  2. Oh no--what an experience with the vehicle! Your vacation sounds terrific.

  3. You are lucky in one sense. A blow out can cause an accident. I'm glad you got your machine back. It's tough to be without it. You vacation pictures are glorious!

  4. TiffanyfromMD7:38 AM

    I love the picture of you and your baby girl, it's so sweet!

  5. Oh I've had a blowout on the interstate before...not fun! Glad you have your sewing machine back home, though. :)

    Love the vacation shots. Looks like you all had a great time!

  6. Didn't realize you were at Hilton Head! Isn't it lovely? DH and I were there about five years ago.

  7. Whew I thought you were going to say your sewing machine was thrown on tire blow out impact and needed to be repaired again.....all is well.

  8. Glad to know that your "baby" is home safe.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog look!

    (and glad your SM is home safe and sound...and of course you TOO!)