Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cookies for the Wedding

We are making some cookies for the wedding, I will show the official pictures and what they are for after the wedding. Tonight we did a test run, to see how many cookies we could get out of roll of Pillsbury sugar cookie refrigerator dough (yes, taking the easy way out). Also, Kaitlyn wanted to try several different designs and decorating tips. I took pictures and emailed them to the bride.

Now, here are some silly pictures:

A cookie sandwich (I just ate that one!)

The bride's first initial is P and the groom's is J, well, last weekend the 3 sisters decided the couple should name their firstborn with a name beginning with the letter B. Why? There was a show on Disney called PB & J. Oh, the sisters thought they were so funny.

So cookies in honor of that little funny! Yes, I emailed that one to the bride.

Sewing, well, I pulled out some fabric to make a dress for the rehersal. I hope I can get it made. Tomorrow, hair color and cut. Need to mow the yard, too.


  1. Yeah for the three sisters! You are allowed to pull a lot of jokes when you prepare for somebody's wedding - at least until a week before. after that, the bride is usually not sporting a sense of humour. :-)

  2. Too funny!

    I owe you a big thank you. We are having a graduation party for my two daughters on Sunday and the ONLY thing my oldest requested was iced cookies from a local bakery. I read your post and thought, "OH NO!!! I forgot to order the cookies!" I just got off the phone with them and although I can't get custom colors, I was at least able to snag some generic colored with a graduation theme. Better than forgetting entirely, I guess!

  3. Love it. PB & J -to cute.