Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Burda 6/2009 #104

Description: Good morning, sunshine! This sporty, slim skirt with welt pockets in front and back and big white buttons is great for a walk on the beach – but it will also turn heads in town

Sizing: 36 to 46.

Instructions: Well, I used them for the cutting instructions and that was it. I was so confused with their instructions and I didn’t have the slightest clue what the instructions were saying. So I went to the internet(see previous post) and my sewing books to figure out the welt pockets. Okay, step one complete, three welt pockets finished and two of which I was very pleased.
The back welt is one of these:

Now, notice in the description is states nothing about a faux wrap. I think that is what this skirt is, notice it has an invisible zipper.

Once I had this figured out, each panel
Front wrap
Has either a facing or a waistband, these I sewed on individually to the appropriate sections. Here is a picture of the front wrap:

I then sewed the right side seam but stopped 1" from the waistband. The right seam consisted of the front wrap and the back.
Next sew in the invisible zipper on the left side seam.

Sew on the facings for the waistbands and the front. The final facing to be sewn was for the front, which is the under the wrap front. I then sewed up the side seam on the right and used the facing to cover the seam allowance. Here is the picture:

I am sure this is confusing. That is exactly how I felt reading the instructions. It is one of those patterns, easier to just sew it. Take the pieces and put them together how you think it would work.

The under front, I stitched onto the right side seam, stitching over my previous stitching line. I stopped a few inches from the hem. Here is a picture of this seam:

Likes/Dislikes: I really like the fun summery look, the buttons and the stripe fabric. Dislike would be the instructions and description. Also, I cut the back waistband with the stripes running vertically. The straight of grain on the pattern piece is with the stripes horizontally. I like the vertically.
Here is the back:

Now I did cut the front waistband with the stripes running horizontally. This I don't like. When trying on this garment, the stripes add width to waistline, vertically would have elongated the body.

Here is the waistband:

Changes: Not really sure since I couldn't make any sense of the instructions!

Fabric: A cute seersucker from my stash. I really like sewing with this fabric, it presses and sews so nicely.
Conclusion: I do like the skirt, the buttons really add to the style. This pattern earns every bit of it 2.5 dots. If I made it again, I would probably eliminate the welt pockets. Too much going on at the hips with the pockets.

To see this skirt without the wrap section and with an entirely different look, check out Lindsay T's blog for an amazing look.


  1. Very cute skirt! Love that you chose to make it in seersucker.

  2. I love seersucker! Great skirt!

  3. Nice welt pockets! I like that it is a faux wrap skirt. Wraps are such a pain to wear and sit in. Very cute.

  4. Great skirt! I particularly like it in the seersucker with the subtle stripes. I also like the buttons, welt pockets and that it's a faux wrap.

  5. I love that fabric. This is one of the June patterns I really want to make.

  6. Very cute! I love seersucker!

  7. Very cute! Too bad the directions are such a puzzle, but the outcome was sure worth it :-)

  8. I love this skirt. Your fabric choice is true summer! Excellent job on the welt pockets and great interpretation of the scary instructions!

  9. Lori,
    It looks so cute. Love your welt pockets and the buttons on the seersucker really make the skirt.

  10. Another winner...despite the strange instructions !

  11. Lori, this turned out great! It really is such a cute skirt, though befuddling instructions.

  12. Looks great, Lori!

  13. You did so well with the pocket!
    The red/white seersucker reminds me on Deauville style, don´t know why.

  14. Super cute skirt!

  15. Really cute skirt! Love the seersucker.

  16. Beatiful and perfectly executed! Thank you for sharing your notes on this project!

  17. Perfect little summer skirt. No doubt you have found a perfect tutorial on welt pocket. Fawless.