Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Not Sure

It started with this jacket, BWOF 2/2009 #116. I simply adored it, the dressy fabric with the casual outfit. I really wanted to make this but to find that kind of lace in my area, impossible.

Then one day I noticed this lace at Gorgeous Fabrics, and it is still available if you are interested.

Well, I hunted two times for the lining fabric and finally found one I liked. Then, I worked and worked on the jacket, feeling a bit discouraged. It isn't quite what I had in my head, it looks old, not young and trendy as I had hoped. Well, at 46 maybe young is not the adjective I want but stylish, chic and trendy, those are better adjectives. I would work a little at a time and would put the partially completed jacket on my dressform. The twins would say that isn't too good, Mom, it looks old, especially the pointy things on the bottom. How about that adjective?

So here it is, looking old.

The back:

A bit better with some styling, but I am still not so sure.

Inside seam finish.

Now I will review it as the pattern is a very nice one and someone else might want to make this jacket.
Pattern Review

Pattern: BWOF 2/2009 #116

Description: The round neck of this short jacket is reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy’s famous Chanel jacket, but here it’s casually styled with jeans. If it were teamed with a pencil skirt, it would easily make an impression on a date

Sizing: 36 to 44. I made my usual 38

Instructions: The instructions are very good except for the collar. You baste the collar lining to the lace collar. Only cut one of each. Using a piece of lace from the border of the fabric, stitch it with small zigzag stitches to the lace at the seam allowance. Baste first so the lace design is the same on each side of your collar. Then the instructions have you cut away the extra lace from under the border and also the lining from each side of the zigzag. I went to the picture at the BWOF site and looked at the jacket on the model and on the dressform. The jacket on the dressform, does look like there is no lining under the lace collar. I really am not sure I did this correctly but it is fine.
Here is the dressform picture.

To make this jacket, Burda has you hem the lining fabric, then baste the right side of the lining to the wrong side of the lace. After the basting, these two fabrics are treated as one. I tried to baste with my machine but the lace shifted too much. I had to hand baste each piece.

Likes/Dislikes: I really liked the look of the jacket and how it was paired with the lace fabric just made me want to make it even more.

Dislike the whole granny look, just not sure if I can wear the jacket.

Also, the armholes are high. Partly, the pattern and the other, the layers of fabric. There is the thicker lace, the lining and the seam finish taking up some of the room there.

Changes: First, I omitted the pockets. Just didn’t want to do them and I thought they would be lost on the lace design.

I was going to add 1” to the length but the lace was not wide enough, it was just wide enough to get the front pattern piece cut out. So measure your pattern pieces before buying the lace.

Also, I haven’t put on the snaps, I only had black ones in my stash. If I do put them on, I think it needs to be silver. I am not sure I need the snaps but will that help the jacket? What do you think?

A beautiful lace from Gorgeous Fabrics. My monitor shows it with more navy tones but it is more in the teal family. A color I really like, too. I think you can tell the color in my photos.

Conclusion: I just don’t know is my conclusion. I had such high hopes and expectations and the garment just isn’t quite doing it for me.

What about you? Do you like it? Hate it? Indifferent? Any styling suggestions? Don't worry you won't hurt my feelings!

Looking at the pictures from BWOF and my pictures, I think it is my shiny lining? I even used the more matte side.


  1. I love your jacket and do not think it looks old. It is beautiful and would look wonderful as a jacket over a dinner dress. I am thinking purple/black/green silk with a tiny bit of sheen. Perhaps an irradescent dupioni. I'm just saying.

  2. Anonymous11:04 PM

    I think I would have to see it on you to truly decide. But from this far it does look a bit older. But then again I would never have thought to style it the way Burda did so maybe my imagination is simply not that vast. Either way I think the final judge is how you style it and wear it.

  3. Lori, I do like it! Have you tried wearing it yet to see how it feels? I don't think it looks "old," and I like the idea of wearing it with jeans.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to wear old-looking garments at 46---I'm forever asking my girls if I look frumpy--but then I'm afraid of trying to dress too young, too. Sigh. Being 46 just isn't easy, is it?

  4. I am wondering if its the color thats making it look older? Good styling should revive it though.

  5. Oh how disappointing! I know how you feel. I've made my fair share of 'old clothes' and it's not good. I think at our age it's important for our clothes to make us feel young.

    It's also not only that the clothes look old but it's also the disappointment that your ideas didn't materialise. I hope you can move on quickly.

  6. Sandra2:24 AM

    I think it's the fact that your lace fabric has this huge horizontal stripey pattern vs. the overall lace of the BWOF which weighs it kind of down visually, and also the bigger collar and the bigger "pointy things" as a result of the fabric pattern drags it down.
    I love the color, though, and I can imagine it cute with the white T-Shirt and some jeans.
    Maybe you can modify the pointy things and make the collar smaller...
    Either way, I would like to see how it looks on you.

  7. I think it is the colour. It looks teal from here and that has become an old ladies colour (along with purple). Mind you, I wear teal and purple....mmm. To "young" it up a bit add the snaps that Burda have used and team it with jeans. If you wear it with a dress it will look old for sure. I am sure you can make it work.

  8. I think it looks great, but I like old lady style! I think it may be the collar that is making it look older along with the colour. Still, I really like it!

  9. I think is the collar that makes it look "old", if it were smaller or removed it might help. I know it is supposed to be boxy but maybe some shaping would also help. Good luck!

  10. I AM an old lady--61--but I still like to look stylish while dressing my age. Lace is tricky to pull off. It has a tendency to look "old". I have a lace jacket that I just cannot bear to put on for that reason.

    Speaking as if I were your mom--honey, wear the stylish, cute clothes you usually do. You don't want to look dowdy.

  11. Can I make a suggestion? Remove the pointy will instantly "young" it up. Try pinning them up and see if you like it can't hurt right?

  12. If you style this jacket in a manner similar to the fashion photo, it will look younger. For me, the appeal is in the contrast – lacy, dressy jacket with jeans and a simple t-shirt.

  13. Beth Conky9:20 AM

    I like it. It's a very pretty color. And the only way that will look "old lady" is if you give it to your grandmother to wear. You'll look cute in it. Don't listen to your daughters this time. Let's see pics of you in it. Just like you invisioned it with jeans- casual.

  14. I think Vicki is right about the color combo being the problem. It looks very Victorian, but not in a hip retro-restyled way. I think a young goth chick could pull it off but I know it would make me look like I was shopping in Grandma's closet.

  15. I think it looks fantastic as is, Lori. Definitely wear it with jeans and a t-shirt and possibly heals. You are tall and slim and can carry this off just like the BWOF model.

  16. You definitely have to "jazz" this up a bit. The jacket by itself is too boxy- sleeves and hem almost at the same length. That, combined with the lace, gives a "matronly" appearance. Notice how the model wears it with a shirt that goes below the hemline. Like others mentioned; lace is "pretty", and can easily become too precious. Paired with jeans and other less precious textures (funky belt/necklace/bracelet) and this could be something my teenager would wear. In fact; she "borrowed" a lace blouse I made years ago very similar in shape to this, and I haven't seen it since. It's one of her favorite tops :))

    It's a beautiful jacket, I would try to find a way to wear it.

  17. I think you did beautiful work on this jacket, but if it makes you feel old, then don't wear it. You'll never feel comfortable no matter what you pair it with.

  18. I like the idea of trying to style it with a long t-shirt (I would do black), dark wash jeans and a fun belt over the tshirt with a beat up silver/nickel finish buckle. And heels. I think you can definitely pull it off if you style it right. It is pretty, but can lean to "oldish" looking depending on how you style it.

  19. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I agree with Lindsey T (whose blog I enjoy so much). You are tall slender, and youthful and wearing it with more casual items is a great idea. I recognized it immediately from BWOF and thought it was gorgeous and beautifully made -- not old. HOWEVER if ~you~ feel old wearing it, you probably won't enjoy it or look your best in it.

    By the way, one of the dresses in the May 2009 BWOF shouted "Lori V" to me when I looked at it. :-)

  20. Perhaps you could take the pointy edge away (even make a fabric border in its place)? Maybe that's the problem because the jacket looks fantastic and the color is so beautiful.. It would be a shame if you don't get to wear it