Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Better, I Think...

I thought about this jacket today and came home from work and read all your comments, thank you for your honest opinions. Many said the collar was too big and frumpy. So off came the collar, looks much better don't you think?

Carolyn commented to elminate the pointy edges. So on the right side I have them pinned up, an improvement, I believe. What do you think?

A positive - I did match the two sides nicely!

Now the jacket is a bit shiny here, used the flash as it was getting dark. Do you think I should curve the neckline a bit. I folded it back a bit to see, I wasn't thinking a angle but a gentle curve. Comments?

See my new mulch in the background? Three dumptruck loads were hauled to our farm and I hauled the mulch with a wheelbarrow to all my flowerbeds. Hubby helped with one truck load. Getting all ready for that wedding, you know!

Elaray, twins were gone for a school event and hadn't seen the changes. I just showed one of them the picture and they said the collar gone is better. I am suppose to hem or cut off the pointy things. Then, before I leave with the jacket on, they are to see my outfit and approve the jacket before I am let out in public! The other twin states it still looks granny-ish and she wants to have approval, too. Tough crowd.


  1. Removing the collar is good.
    Folding up the pointy hem is good.
    I like the plain neckline as opposed to the curved neckline.
    What does your daughter say about the changes?

  2. Oh yes it is looking much better...but I don't like the curved neckline either...sorry!

    Wow! That is alot of mulch and alot of work...but the grounds look amazing...perfect setting for a wedding!

  3. Sandra9:47 PM

    Yup. I agree, much better. Don't care for the round neckline either, though. Straight up looks a lot edgier.

    And I think the key in wearing a piece like that is to dress down the rest of the outfit considerably. It's the contrast that makes the BWOF styled outfit work, and the jacket shine. Styled matchy-matchy would make it look boring and indeed frumpy.
    Can't wait to see you in it. I'm sure you'll rock it.

  4. Much better! I would leave the neckline and for sure get rid of the pointy ends.

  5. Changes to the jacket make a big difference. I agree with the straight line hem and I like the no collar look. I think the contrast in the outfit - jeans and tank with a lace jacket will prevent the "granny" label.

    My 20-yr-old Fashion Queen is the harshest of critics so I know what you're saying!

    Mulch is gorgeous. We just re-mulched here and I'd call that a workout!

  6. I know a lady (very well) who has no sense of style. 60 years old, 15 kgs extra, apple shaped, very low busted if not wearing a bra. Absolutely nothing wrong with that in it self. :-) She goes shopping in her 20 year old swimsuit, wears a black bra (the wrong size) under white too-tight polo shirt, no color coordination, always fold up her trousers to end at the thickest part of her leg and so many others strange things.

    As her caring and most loyal daughter-in-law said to me one day: She has four sons and no daughters. No-one ever told her "look, mom, you are not wearing THAT if I am comming along with you". She just hasn't got a clue.

    Just appreciate your twins' opinion. They will keep you SHARP for the rest of your life. :-)

    I tell my mother when she has missed some of the black hairs on her upper lip, and I do that out of love, I can assure you. :-)