Thursday, February 19, 2009

McCall's 5523

Pattern description: Straight skirt, mid-knee length, side zipper and faced waistline. Several lower back variations, shaped flounces, pleats, gathers. skirt A has shaped lower back flounce; skirt B has pleated lower back; skirt C has gathered lower back with self-fabric ruffle; skirt D has two lower back flounces.

Sizing: 4 to 18, I made a 12. After sewing up the skirt and trying it on, I had to taper the waist in. I based the 12 on the finished measurements printed on the pattern.

Instructions: They are very good, helpful with all the lower back variations. The information on hemming the skirt was excellent, too.

Likes/Dislikes: I like the look of a straight skirt on me without a wasitband, this pattern was perfect for the look. Also, it puts some fun into the back with the lower back options. No dislikes at all.

Changes: I added a lining to this skirt. Thanks to all who posted on my blog post inquiring on how to line this. I haven't had much experience (none at all, actually) lining a skirt with facing. The majority responded cutting the lining like the skirt and attaching it to the top of the skirt. Then add the facings over these two layers, treat them as one. I used the center front pattern piece to cut the center back lining. I placed these two pattern pieces together and they were the same widths.

Okay, so now what I did for the lining. Wool makes me itch, makes my skin crawl a bit. I love the look of wool, sewing with it but I can't have it next to my skin. Ever since 6th grade, I have had this thing with wool. I remember wearing a turtleneck sweater with a bit of wool. This had to be the longest day of school ever. My skin crawled, I would break out in a cold sweat, just a long day of great uncomfort. Now, back on the subject of lining...... I added the lining right up to the top, understitched and then topstitched it into place. Looks great and no wool next to my skin.

Fabric: A wool plaid herringbone from Fashionista Fabric

Conclusion: Great skirt, with great design features. This doesn't take long to sew, another plus. I am working on sewing with wool before I even consider cutting into that fabulous fabric from Birgitte.

Here it is with a denim jacket:

close-up of the flounce:

Side view:

Back view:

With sweater and cami:

Do you like it better with the jacket or sweater? Other suggestions? No, to a wool sweater!!


  1. I love, love, love your skirt. I have this pattern and was kinda thinking about giving it a try the other day. I really like the layered flounce in the back.

    I like both the denim jacket as well as the sweater/cami. I think the sweater/cami makes it look more professional/work related. Though the denim for a semi casual dinner out. My 2 cents worth. Again I really like the skirt and I think the fabric is nice as well.

  2. The skirt really looks different with the two tops, huh?

    I do think I like the sweater best, tho.

    Those flounces look great.

  3. What a lovely classy skirt!

    I like both looks....


    Pam ~Off The Cuff~

  4. Your skirt looks wonderful! I like it with the cami & sweater.

  5. I love the skirt with the sweater. Very stylish.

  6. I like it best with the sweater. I think I really like the v-neck and lacyness better than the rounded necked jacket.

    Congrats on achieving a new skill.

  7. I adore this pattern and I must get my hands on it. I love your choice of fabric and the flounce is gorgeous, I prefer the cardi and skirt option, so chic..

  8. I really like the cardigan and the skirt. The flounces are super cute.

  9. The skirt is fabulous! With all the skirts I sew I wonder how I missed this pattern? Anyway, it looks great with both the jacket and the cami/sweater. I think your destination will determine the top you pair it with. Or do what I do...decide the top based on the shoes you want to wear :-)

  10. Lovely skirt Lori. I totally understand about the feeling of wool against your skin so it was good idea to line to the waist.

    I'll put a vote in for the sweater/cami combo but I also like the denim jacket. Wear both combos.

  11. I really like it with the sweater and cami - add a string of pearls and your gold. g

  12. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Love the look
    Really stylish.
    I think I like the sweater and
    cami the best

  13. Nicely done! I think both looks are great with the skirt. I may have to go out and buy that pattern.

    I have a similar experience with wool. I can't wear it next to the skin either. I see people make diaper covers or longies with recycled wool and just think, "poor baby, hope they aren't allergic to wool because they may be some screaming!"

  14. Anonymous12:17 PM

    It looks adorable. I like it with the sweater and cami. I'm allergic to wool, can't stand it on my skin. My poor Grandmother use to have to make all my uniform skirts out of poly when I was a kid because I broke out in hives from the wool skirts. I think I'll make that skirt for my daughter in law. Really cute.

  15. I always have to be different, I guess. Looks like everyone else prefers the skirt with the sweater and cami. It does look great, but I prefer it with the denim jacket. Love that mixed texture look!

  16. Fabulous! I like the sweater best. But wear it both ways, both look good. A nice white shirt would look good too.

  17. I love it with the jacket and I have serious narrow hem envy. LOVE the flounces. LOVE.

  18. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Great skirt Lori. Wow, I am impressed that you used a plaid with all this detail. Looks great. I prefer the sweater, because it just says "I have class!" Beautiful outfit. I wish I could find the time to sew for myself again.

  19. Like both really but I think I prefer the sweater duo. Beautiful skirt.

  20. I'm so glad you made this skirt. I have this pattern, also, and have been wanting to make it. Your skirt is very nice and it sounds like it went together without any major fitting issues. And I think the sweater with it is a really nice look.

  21. The skirt looks FAB, I love the ruffle detail on the back!

  22. It's a beautiful skirt Lori - I like both looks, but I like the sweater a bit more.

    I left you an award on my blog...check it out when you have a minute.

  23. How gorgeous!!! I am going to have to add this pattern to my "must make" list!

  24. What a lovely flounce on this skirt, Lori! I need to make one now, too! :-)