Sunday, January 25, 2009

Top and decorating

First off, a decorating project for under $15. See the framed letters?


Kaitlyn and I did that for her room for around $15. The metal letters came from Michael's in the dollar section. We left the ribbons attached, bought scrapbooking paper at Michaels, too. Then stopped by Dollar General and bought these 5x 7 black frames for $3.50 each. Came home, put them together and hung them straight on her wall. This would be cute in 8 x 10 frames, too, but we live in a story and a half house, so the walls are shorter in some of the upstairs bedrooms. Can you see that nice layer of dust on the headboard!?! Speaking of the headboard, hubby made that a couple of years ago.

I made this top in December and never photographed it. Simplicity 2850, the version with the tucks on the sleeves. I made it here
My photographer was in a hurry again, so quality is bad, click on it for a larger view. Maybe you can see the tucks.

Several other things to post pictures of tomorrow. New blouse, couple of new purses, fabric cards and a dedicated scrapbooking area. Meredith is thrilled, it is in her room and she made cards all night long.


  1. That is genius! Looks like it came straight from a Home and Garden show!

    And the top looks great, the tucks really add a nice flair.

  2. Lori,
    You could have another career as an interior decorator. The room looks great! Love the red top also.