Monday, January 19, 2009

BWOF Blouse 1/2009 #120

Pattern: BWOF 1/2009 #120
Description: Parallel rows of horizontal tucks decorate this batiste blouse.

36 to 42

Instructions: They are really pretty good for BWOF magazine. If you are unsure about blouse construction, pull out a Big 4 pattern instruction sheet for guidance. I usually use my notes from the Pattern Review shirtmaking class with Shannon Gifford.

Here are several steps I took pictures during the construction.

Clipped the seam allowance on each side for the tuck. Pressed this tuck in place matching the clips on each side. With washable marker, drew 1/2" stitching line

The tucks press down and you can see the hidden stitching line. This is the way I did my pleats, the picture looks as if you stitch a different way and/or topstitch. So pick how you want the pleats to turn out!

I would fold back the facings a check to see if my pleats were matching on each front.

I used the fusible interfacing, marvelous by the way, from Sew Exciting on the entire shirt. The facings I did like this this tutorial

Topstitched the collar:

The instructions just call for you turning under one side of the collar and stitching over the seam allowance. I didn't think this would be a good luck if the shirt was unbuttoned the top two buttons. I used a bias strip and then hand sewed it to the wrong side

I used the pin easing from Ann's blog and yes, it is lots of pins but it does work. I tried the gathering stitches and that was terrible on this blouse. I had many tucks, so I ripped out the seam and followed Ann's instructions.

Likes first: I really like the look of the tucks, changes up a basic blouse. Now on the model the blouse has room for a turtleneck, well, I think this is because she is so skinny and needs a 32 or 34! Take a look at the other photo from the BWOF website, you can see a different look. The blouse has higher armscye, notice that in the picture without the model. Impossible to tell on the model, her hair is in the way on one side. The fit of the blouse is slim, so if you are wanting to layer it, go up a size. I do like the fit and look of this blouse. The tucks were easy to do.

Not really dislikes now but things I noticed. It is hard to tell about the fit of a BWOF garment on the models, they are slender, who knows if this is their size of garment and the awkward poses. The cuffs are rather tight on the blouse, so you might want to measure this against a favorite blouse. Not a measurement I normally think to do.

Changes: Added a bit of length, should have added about ½” more to the sleeves.

Fabric: A shirting blend from Gorgeous Fabrics. Gorgeous fabrics A shirting with lycra would probably be good for this pattern, too

Conclusion: A fun blouse with a decorative feature, check the sizing, it all depends on how you plan to wear your blouse.

Pictures of the tucks

Thanks all for the button opinions and votes. You picked a winner and my favorite, BTW.

Now if my blouse gets to tight, I have Kaitlyn to blame. She has been baking up a storm.

Meredith's job is to pick the colors for the icing. She was in a bright phase!

Now sometimes I think between my internet connection and bloggers unique features it takes me longer to post the review than sew the blouse!!


  1. Awesome blouse Lori!!

  2. That's a beautiful blouse, I can really see you in this- but post a photo anyway :)) Great job on this!

  3. That is a pretty blouse. I love that you showed the steps. That is so helpful to those who might want to make it. Those cupcake look yummy!!!

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM

    The blouse looks great (and so do those cupcakes!)

  5. Great job on the blouse. I had a dress pattern back in the 80's I think that had tucks just like your shirt. Nice feature. I'm a bit worried about those cakes though!! The colours are far too pretty to be

  6. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Just to let you know, I nominated you for the creative blogger award on my site. You don't have to play along, just thought that I wold let you know!

  7. Beautiful blouse!!!

  8. Great blouse, Lori! I did not know that one had shoulder princess seams in back. Thanks for the back view!

  9. Your photos are really good, but let's see you modeling it! Very nice job on the blouse and gosh, those cupcakes look yummy!

  10. Oh goodness. With that many pins I'm pretty sure I would have had little blood stains all over the shirt LOL! You did a great job on it.

    Those cupcakes are making me very hungry, too. She did a great job - they look delicious and beautiful. :)

  11. Hey Lori....fabulous blouse!

    Gotta love those pewter buttons ;)

    Thanks for the award...I'm honored.

    ~Pam (hungry for a cupcake...)

  12. I LOVE this blouse - it's on my 'to do' list. It may be my first BWOF. Yours looks great !

    Thanks for the pics and construction notes. I used a tip for lots of pins to set a sleeve when I did my DH's shirt and it worked wonderfully - only 1 teeny tuck that only I notice.

  13. Lovely result. the buttons are great. I'm still thinking how to do a fba on this shirt. As I think I said before, it's on my to sew list.

  14. I was going to say, what a beautiful blouse! But OMG! The cupcakes! How fabulous are they?!