Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Never Ending Trench - BWOF 10/08 #104

Pattern Review

Pattern: BWOF 10/08 #104 Trench Jacket

Description: The trenchcoat is fashionably cropped to jacket length. Cleverly constructed, dual-function patch pockets are double layered and have open tops, fold-over flaps and zip opentings.

Sizing: Sizing 36 to 44, I made a 38 and I think it is big. As I am writing this review and looking at the trench on the model it does look big on her and has fullness in the middle. My fabric is stiffer than the taffeta used in BWOF.

Instructions: The instructions were pretty good for the construction of the jacket. Now for the lining you have to see style 122 and follow those directions. I had just made Voge 2614 in October so I used that pattern for lining instructions.

Now this pattern is rated 2-1/2 dots and I felt it was worth every dot. All the details of this jacket lead to a lengthy construction project.

Likes/Dislikes: When I received this issue, I immediately marked this jacket. The sleeve tabs just did it for my decision, along with the button belt loop tabs.

My dislike would be it took FOREVER to construct this. Not only the construction time but the time to gather all your supplies, especially with no sewing store closer than 45 minutes. I made 2 trips for zippers and buttons.

Changes: I used 9” zippers for the pockets, the instructions call for 7” zippers but I wasn’t able to find those. The construction process on the pockets make it difficult to shorten the zippers. Take a close look at the pockets on the model to see what I mean. This made my pockets a couple inches bigger, but I don’t think it hurts the look of the jacket.

I believe the jacket would have been more trendy, if I could have found metal zippers. The only metal zipper I could find in the 9” size had gold teeth, that wouldn’t have worked with my silver/black buttons.

An outerwear from Joann’s. I used every bit of this fabric. In fact, I made the pockets twice. First time, I totally misread the instructions and had to throw that set away. This was the 2nd trip to Joann’s for zippers and I was so short on fabric, the pockets are pieced to get the correct size.

Now I have to say, I love these buttons, I found them at Joann’s . The minute I spotted them, I just knew they were the “look” for this trench.

Conclusion: I really like the style of my jacket but I think It might be a bit big but I can live with that. I took such a long time making this jacket, the weather went from lightweight trench to heavy winter coat weather. I am sure we will have some prettier days here and there and I will be able to wear my new trench. This is one pattern I will make only once, too trendy, I think.

A bit of advice – gather all the notions and save yourself some time.

Zippered pockets

Side view

Back view - I topstiched each side of the seam, this fabric didn't want to press the best.

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What am I sewing next? Some simple, quick knit tops. I need instant gratification and my wardrobe needs some new things, especially before the holidays.


  1. Lovely jacket, Lori. You did a great job in spite of the challenges. Looks good on you.
    BTW, my niece called tonight from FL to tell me that she is engaged and will bring her fiance to meet me at Christmas. Can't wait to see them.

  2. I didn't reallt like BWOF version of this coat. I'm glad to see you made it because I really like it now.

  3. That's a great looking jacket!

  4. Looks great! I love the look of all that topstitching. Much prettier than the BWOF version.

  5. Wow Lori..that's one fabulous jacket!

    Pam, from ~Off The Cuff Style~

  6. Awesome jacket Lori!!! Virginia

  7. I think your jacket looks great. I don't think it looks big on you at all, especially not compared to the BWOF pic. Love the fabric.

  8. Fantastic jacket! Better than the pattern photo!

  9. Great jacket, Lori! You did an impressive job.

  10. Anonymous7:33 AM

    It turned out great. You look wonderful in it. It might have been a lot of trouble but the finished product seems well worth it.

  11. That is fantastic!

  12. It's stunning...simply stunning...and I love all of the details!

  13. Great jacket, Lori. I love it. Yours is much better-looking than the magazine's version.

  14. Anonymous8:43 AM

    absolutely fabulous!!! I wouldn't have looked at this pattern either but now yours is making my mouth water. Lovely!!!

  15. Awesome jacket! I love all the details, especially the buttons you added and the pockets. It doesn't look too big on you. Hmm, I'm going to have to take another look at this pattern.

    I highly recommend for custom length zippers - mine arrived in my mailbox ~4 days after I ordered them!

  16. Really chic jacket, Lori. How come my JoAnn's doesn't sell nice fabric like this?! You can get printed fleece there and that's about it.

  17. Your coat is gorgeous! I also highly recommend the Zipper Stop. I ordered a 30" zip for the bag I'm making and it arrived in only a few days.

  18. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I purchased the same fabric in very dark blue from my Joanns. I see another blogger made it into a jacket too, with an off center belted buckle. or was that you?

    I am laughing because here in Buffalo, Joanns does not call this outerwear fabric. It is in with the suiting and next to some sequined stuff. Could it be that it is just too cold here?

    Any way, you did a great job. I love how the pockets turned out and I love all the pointed tabs.

  19. So many details = so much work! You have done a great job - looks very professional.

  20. A gorgeous jacket, glad you got to wear it :-)

  21. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Very cute jacket! And I think the fit looks good too!
    And Lindsay T, aren't you the one that gets to shop at all the wonderful fabric shops in NYC?
    You definitely have the advantage.
    I'd trade places any day!

  22. I can see why this parka was never ending. Lots of details (which look great). Nice job!

  23. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Wow! Nice jacket!

  24. That is such a fantastic jacket- so worth the time and effort. Pat yourself on the back on this one, it's ab fab!!

  25. What a fabulous job you did on this trench! You look stunning in it and all the time spent was well worth it!