Monday, November 17, 2008

Franzi Vest

Pattern Review

Burda Style Franzi vest. Dowload it Burda Style

Description: Short, trendy vest with lapels, faux pockets and back waist belt.

Sizing: Size 34 to 44, I made a 38.

Instructions: The instructions are very clear and the diagrams helpful. My only cause for confusion was the interfacing, did it call to interface the entire vest? Only the front? I wasn’t sure and I knew I would need interfacing for the buttonholes so I added interfacing in the front only.

The vest has a unique construction for the lining, Burda Style’s instruction are very easy to understand and by following these instructions you get a wonderful lined garment.

Likes/Dislikes: I liked the look and I loved the fact this vest was free, yes, I said free! Another like, the pattern is available right at your fingertips, no trip to a store, no waiting for a package to arrive in the mail, the only wait is the time it takes to print out the pattern. Taping the pattern together is very easy, too. Give it a try, the Franzi vest is a perfect pattern to try Burda Style’s pattern.

My only dislike is the vest is a bit short and the pattern had no lengthen/shorten lines. This is an alteration you will have to add.

Changes: I did not fold back the lapel, my lining was cheap and unimpressive. With this change, I added one more button to the front.

Also, I could not find a buckle for the back of the vest. I used two smaller buttons.

Fabric: A pinstripe from Fashionista Fabrics.

Conclusion: A great pattern that goes together quickly and with wonderful results. If you have not tried a Burda Style pattern, this is a great one to test the waters. Also, it is a sewalong on the Sew Forth Now Podcast please take a listen to the podcast and join in. I have set up a Flickr Group for the sewalong.


  1. Nice vest. REad your PR review and came over to take an extra look.

  2. Did you say on PR that this was a knit? I like it.

  3. Oh happy day! I love vests and have been wanting to make some more for me. Yours turned out great! I would like it to be a bit longer, though. I'll have to take a look at some that I have to get proper porportions.

  4. I love your vest! I am such a big fan of the crisp white shirt with the vest look.....Makes for a good work attire...

  5. very smart looking vest!

  6. What a great vest! I have to tell you that I like the two buttons in the back instead of the buckle really gives it a different take...a little more unique and fashion forward!

  7. Your vest is fantastic Lori - and you can't beat free can you?