Friday, October 31, 2008

Vogue 2614

Pattern Review

Pattern: Vogue 2614

Description: Misses liined jacket with collar variations, shoulder pads and long 2 pieced effect sleeves. I made View B with has a tab and inside button closing.

Sizing: 6 to 22, I made a 12. I bought this pattern 2-3 years ago and bought th 12, 14, 16 size range. I could have made a size 10, it does run a bit big but this is for outerwear and I would rather have the extra room. Now I can layer a sweater under the jacket and I won’t be uncomfortable.

Instructions: They were good, I have to say, I do get tired of hunting all around 7 pages of instructions for your specific view. On a whole the instructions were very good and helpful throughout the construction.

Likes/Dislikes: I liked the look. I wanted a short coat for the fall season and I had a couple of choices in mind. I remembered this pattern and thought the fabric and style would be perfect. I like the length, the collar and the style.

No dislikes other than I wish I could make a lapel better.

Added 1” to the body and the sleeves.

Fabric: A quilted outerwear from Joann’s. The lining was from stash, Stacy of Stacy Sews, sent it to me awhile back. Thanks, Stacy, it was perfect for the jacket. I will have to get a picture, it is so pretty and fun. I made a special trip to Joann’s but their buckles were too wide. I didn’t want to wait to order one, the jacket was so close to being completed and patience I do not have! Then I thought of the shoe repair shop in my small town (also repairs tack). I went in and described what I wanted. He named a type of buckle, then asked the size and then bronze or silver. Out came the perfect buckle and he removed the prong, too. $1.50 for my buckle, I will have to remember that next time.

: A fun jacket, perfect weight and similar to one in a recent BWOF magazine.

View A is very similar to this $1325 jacket
Thanks for the compliments on the jack-o-lanterns. The top one is mine, made from this kit. The kit comes with a plastic drill, chisel type cutter and clear marbles. I just poked holes with the dril, pushed in a marble and chiseled some of the pumpkin out to make it look like argyle. Took 10 minutes top.


  1. Gorgeous jacket! I love the tip about where you got your buckle, I'm filing that one away.

  2. Your jacket looks wonderful!

  3. that jacket is beyond fab. i want one. must get to the fabric store ASAP.

  4. Great job! JoAnn's actually hit a rare home run with this quilted fabric. Very chic.

  5. Your jacket looks great! And the fabric is prefect for it.

  6. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Very cute jacket. I agree with Lindsay T, in that JoAnn's got something right for a change!
    The link to the $1325 jacket is just going to Net-a-Porter page in general, and where are the jack-o-lanterns? Sounds very interesting, but I don't see any on your page.

  7. Super stylish jacket and what a great idea to go to the shoe repair man!
    BTW, it was raining and is now overcast here in LA so come on over in your spiffy jacket :))

  8. Anonymous10:24 PM

    WOW, that jacket is gorgeous. Beautiful job and love the style, lining fabric, embellishments.

    Great pumpkins. We didn't even carve any as a family this year . . . but most all of the pumpkins were rotten before you even bought them so that puts a real damper on carving. The State of FL is not made for some things -- like pumpkin patches.

  9. Great looking jacket!

  10. Great jacket - and the lapels look pretty good to me :) And what a fun lining.

  11. Wow, Lori! This is awesome!

  12. I am in LOVE with that jacket!

  13. totally hot Lori
    I really love this jacket, its a nice twist on the biker trend that is hot right now

  14. Anonymous4:33 PM

    What a great looking jacket!