Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Room Makeover - Why I haven't been sewing

I have been wanting to paint our Great Room but couldn't decide on a color. I bought a couple of quarts, used some paint I had and just put small bits of paint around this room. I finally decided on Spicey Walnut by True Value. I love this color but before you see the after, you must start with before. Just a couple of pictures, my before pictures were an afterthought, thus the ladder in the first picture.

Dear hubby was sad not to have the polka dots of color in the room anymore!

Now after, paint really does make so much difference. Oops, forgot to put the cordless drill away. Why did I need it? See the shelf in the above before picture, I took it down.

The dining area of our great room.

I need to find some plates for my hutch. I wish I had a Home Goods store closer. The stain glass on the top of the hutch, it came from my husband's grandparents. They ran a general store for years and this is one of the windows from that store. My in-laws gave all 4 of their children one of the windows a couple of years ago, I just love the look and the history. A very special gift.

The family room area. Hubby built the shelves on this wall, not the lower cabinets, just the open shelving, he did a wonderful job.

Fall decorations on the buffet.

Different view:

My $40 chair looks so much better in this area, the lamp hides the thermostat.

The sofa table was right behind the sofa in the before picture. By taking down the oak shelf, I moved table to the wall. The black frame was an old brass frame from my aunt, spray paint totally changes the look.

I need to paint a small entryway (you can see it in the 2nd before picture) off this room on Saturday. After painting this large room, the entryway will seam like a piece of cake.
I have been busy teaching classes- 2 purse classes, one kids' class tomorrow and I went to my ASG meeting tonight. Sewing at home? A little bit, working on Simplicity 4077 blouse, maybe I can get it done soon, for an easy blouse it is taking forever.


  1. The colour you have chosen is very welcoming. A lovely room.

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    What a beautiful color! Love your decorating--looks a lot like mine. I guess we have similar tastes!

  3. Very nice! Good color choice.

  4. LOL! I can tell that you sew!

    "After painting this large room, the entryway will ===seam=== like a piece of cake."

    Beautiful color. I know you'll enjoy that.


  5. What a great and unexpected post - your living room looks great. Do you feel an urge to do new home dec stuff just because? :-)

    I need a LAUGH sign in my living room. Maybe I should sew one.

    The anti-spam word for this comment is taste - how very accurate. :-)

  6. Very pretty Lori! I love the color too. Redoing a room always makes me love my home all over again.