Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Simplicity 9886 - Pajama Pants

This pattern is a Sewing for Dummies pattern and I use it all the time for my pajama pants. It is a one piece with an inseam only. Quick and easy. I use it for all 4 of my daughters, I just change the amount of my seam allowance. On Saturday the twins and I bought flannel at Joann's (on sale $2 a yard) and it is all sewn up. Two pair for each of the twins and one pair for 18 year-old daughter. College girl doesn't need any pajamas, so I will make her a purse or send her an i-Tunes card.

This pair was made my the older twin, M is a whole 4 minutes older, and she loves to sew. I think she did a great job.


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Sleep pants are so pretty! Please tell M that she did a great job on the sewing. Is she the twin that loves to cook or is that the "younger one". Your girls are special.
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    If memory serves me right, your twins are about the same age as my youngest, who is 11. How long has she been sewing? I think all hope is lost for my two older ones, and I probably should have started the youngest one earlier. I *did* have her do some beading for a friends Christmas present, and that went well, so . . .
    I'm impressed, and thinking I should just buy that pattern (if it's still available - I assume it's a Simplicity, and (darn the luck) they were just on sale!) instead of trying to get a multiple of other patterns to work.

  3. great PJ pants! Your daughter did a nice job on hers. I love all the fabrics you chose.

    I have been looking for a one-seam pajama pant. I was bummed to see this one is discontinued although it is available at ebay.

  4. This makes me soooo ashamed. I have mobs of flannel purchased to make new pj pants for youngest DD and still haven't gotten to it! Yours are wonderful, though!