Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Sewing Week

I haven't had much time to post this week but did some sewing completed. My last project was a quick one - Ottobre 1/2007 #16 Singoalla Blouse for my friend's daughter.

This is my first time using elastic thread in the bobbin (shirring) and I love my results on the sleeves and neckline. Check out this Portabellopixie for information on shirring. I think I am going to take out the shirring at the bottom, it is a bit tight and I didn't have enough rows. Fabric is a crinkle type cotton from Wal-Mart. Boy, this shirt was hard to photograph, it is so much cuter in person!

Closeup of the sleeve.

My work in progress, it just needs buttons Burda World of Fashion 1/2008 #107

Here is a sneak preview of my blouse - fabric is from Wal-Mart, $1 a yard, it is a shirting with a some polyester. I thought it was just the right price for my muslin, and I think this will be wearable one at that. Hopefully, I can run by Joann's to get buttons today. I am going with my older two daughters and my mom shopping, they aren't too keen on Joann's!

Lastly, Ottobre Woman 5/2007 #6, Marlene pants.

Description: Marlene pants with creases and wide turn-ups are best made from high-quality lightweight wool or wool-blend fabric that shapes and molds easily when pressed. The pants have a high-rise waist. The small pleats at the front merge with the creases, and there are small darts at the back waist.
Sizing: 34 to 46, I made a 38
Instructions: The instructions were good, as always I used my Sandra Betzina More Power Sewing book for the fly zipper. Debbie has an incredible tutorial for fly zippers, too. The instructions do include binding the waistband, a nice touch for dress slacks.
Likes/Dislikes: I liked the look in the magazine but thought the legs might be a bit wide. I don’t like my fabric choice and will explain more later. My likes, thought this could/can be a TNT pattern for pants, nice basic style that can be made different ways. Cuffs, welt pockets, belt loops for more casual slacks, etc.
Does it look like the magazine: Not really, my pair has no cuffs, no pleats, no crease, no belt loop! But the shape is the same.
Changes: I had included the front pleats on my pants but after an initial fitting, they pulled so badly and looked terrible. I took out the basting and my pants fit just right. I did not like the cuffs on this pair of pants, I believe this was my fabric choice. Also, I felt belt loops were not needed on a dress pant.
Fabric: Wal-mart find $1 a yard, herringbone type print. I am not sure the content – quite a bit of lycra or other stretch fiber. The fabric did ravel but when a steam iron was applied, you could just watch the fabric shrink! Not good for determining if I made the right size. I should have read the description a bit more, lightweight wool would have been a better choice. The pattern does not have lining instructions so any wool I would have to line. Wool and my skin just does not mix. Conclusion: I like them okay, I need to make them again in higher quality fabric, so I can have better fitting information. It is a nice basic pattern for pants. I do notice from my picture, the slacks are a bit long. I do believe another washing before I re-hem them is in order. With this fabric, it is hard telling what the dryer will do to my fabric! Also, they might be a bit tight in my hips.

fly zipper

waistband binding


  1. I can't wait to see your shirt!!!!!

  2. You have been a sewing fiend this week! I love that little girl top. It is soooo sweet.

    Bonnie to kids as she pulls into JoAnn's parking: "No, really, I mean it this time. I just have to pick up something real quick. Will only take 30 seconds."

    Kids: silent except for the eyes rolling

  3. You have been busy! It all looks great.

  4. Darling little shirt. You sure can do a lot with dollar fabric!!

  5. *Love* the pants! I've bookmarked that pattern to try, and maybe I'll leave the front pleats out, too. Ottobre is full of easy, *wearable* clothes that I think will work for me. Thanks again for recommending it!

  6. Wow, you have been busy. Love the pants, shirt and the little girl shirt. How did the shirring go? Hopefully it wasn't too hard for you and your machine cooperated. :)

  7. Wow, great inside details! Well done!