Monday, May 14, 2007

My week in pictures

Stamped concrete pad, we are going to build a pergola over it. Patio furniture is coming tomorrow, still looking for a fire pit.

Pots planted

Perennial, check out the insect in the picture

Part of my garden, mostly perennials, I move the chair, fence and other accents around to fill in the bare spots.

Waterfall built last summer, added the hydrangea in the background yesterday. Macy playing in the water. I can't keep the rocks over the plastic, she loves to cool off in the water.

New perennial

Sewing Simplicity 3867


  1. Pretty! I've been working outside this week too. I love this time of year. . . Your pup looks so sweet.

  2. great that bit of pink! your dog looks so sweet.

  3. Wow, so pretty! I am jealous of your waterfall. That is on our "to-do" list for our yard. Eventually. This year we are putting up a new wood fence. We just need to get quotes but I can't wait for that. Seriously how do you do all that mulch? Do you do it every year? We have a ton in our backyard that is just getting gray. We know we will have to replace it eventually, but it is our bane.