Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter sewing and more

I finished my Easter dress tonight, it is this Butterick

I had a few fitting issues, the bodice was just too big at the crossover and hanging away from my body. I had to unsew the bodice from the skirt and do some adjusting. I am quite pleased with the look now. My twins said it looked so pretty and that was during my fitting before the sleeves were sewn!! I will have pictures tomorrow.

My good friend, Anne, Needle Nook fabric, sent my latest fabric order this week and included some wonderful camo knit. Camo with a bit of pink, the twins loved it and picked out some patterns. One is this Ottobre 1/2007 #39, this led to another email order to Anne for some ribbing and knit for the faux tank!!!

Next sewing is a top from the 1+ yard of extra fabric from my Easter dress, I am surfing the web for ideas - what about this one?


  1. what pattern do you plan to use for the top? i like the shape of it very much. can't wait to see photos of the wrap.

  2. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Love the top. Is that a pattern or just the style you are interested in? I'd love to try making one like that myself. You notice I said "try" :)

  3. I agree do tell about the top.... Have you found a pattern to use yet? It's very cute.

  4. Anonymous8:39 AM

    OOOOh, I love that top!

    I can't wait to see how your Easter dress turned out. I also saw that camo print at Needle Nook - it's going to make a great top!