Monday, October 23, 2006

My Couch Soap Opera

I contacted the store on Thursday after the couch was delivered (see Room Redo post) and told them my new cream couch was delivered with 13+ black-brown spots on it. Oh, please give us your name and number someone will contact you on Friday. Guess, what no call on Friday. I call them after 4 pm. We are so sorry mam, the technician will call you on Saturday or Monday. Can you guess? Yep, no call. I call again after 4 pm, get Mr. Smarty Pants, oh you are the lady with the 13 spots on her couch. How do you think they got there mam? I said, probably when the delivery man picked one end up on the truck and all the cushions fell face down on the delivery truck floor!!! He got a bit nicer but stammered and stuttered about coming out to look at it. We are very busy, just 2 of us here and I can't make it this week. Oh, well, that is fine but let's set up an appointment for next week, I get off at 2. So Halloween afternoon, Mr. Smarty Pants technician is coming out.

Wondering where I bought it? Ashely Home Stores it is the second couch I purchased there. We had no problems with the first couch, for college daughter. Just thought I would let others know and I will let you know how the soap opera ends. Here is the couch

Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Bag for High School Girl

Daughter #2 wanted a new bag and looked through my Bag Boutique Book and picked out Louise Bag made from Amy Butler fabric. Also, one additional quilting cotton. I also made a tissue holder to match, fun and quick. Now look at the tissue holder in comparison to the purse, yes, the purse is tiny. I added the top border otherwise the bag is only 2-1/2" deep. Now it is about 4" deep. Still a cute bag for a date and the colors are great.
It was a great end to a great day. Our family went to a Chiefs game, pretty good drive for us, but too fun and they won!!! Yea, Chiefs!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Room Redesign

I have been working on changing my living room. My couch was a plaid and not good colors, lots of knick knacks everywhere in the room, busy valances and other things that pointed to "Mom, time to do something with this room!" Oh, teenagers, they keep you humble, but they were oh, so right. I will show complete before and after pictures when I am all done. At this pace, it might be a bit.

Last weekend my daughter #2 helped me paint the room, hubby hung the new curtain rods, and moved some furniture around. I was pleased with the color, until the new couch was delivered this afternoon. It is a beige fabric with more gray undertones, my walls looked like a good neutral until the couch was put in. Now they appear to have a pink undertone, I will wait for daylight to make my final decision.

Now let's get to the couch, it was delivered with no plastic around it or any covering, in the back of a furniture truck. I mentioned it was beige, right? I did pay for the fabric protection, that is a good thing. After it was put in place, the delivery guy notices a spot on the cushion and asks for a wet rag. Rubs the spot, doesn't look any different but tells me to clean it again after it dries. They leave, I move the end tables back, plug in the lamps and really look at my couch. We have counted at least 13 spots. I have called the furniture store, someone will be contacting me to look at it. They say it will be cleaned or replaced, you betcha!!! I have waited a long time for a new couch. With this, the room is again at a stand still.

I decided to make a couple of pillows for my new couch and to lower my blood pressure. Sewing is relaxing. I used this freebie pattern from Amy Butler's site - it is a great pattern. Fabric came from Wal-Mart and it is home dec fabric.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Pictures of the Hi-Tech Bag

Detailed review of this pattern in the post below but blogger wasn't cooperative last night for more pictures. I am just adding the pictures here with a short descriptions.

Inside of bag - you can see the seam with the coordinated fabric binding and the other seam wiht the serged edge.

Bottom of the bag, inside view. This is a covered piece of Timtex, hand stitched so the bottom seams are hidden under the Timtex.

Inside view of the bag:

Holding my laptop:

One comment asks about the cost.... let's see do I really want to add it up- ha ha!!! Hubby doesn't read my blog so it is okay. No, I am just kidding, he wouldn't care.

Fabric - Just over 2 yards for all - so that would be $10 to $20 depending on type of fabric. Upholstery foam - I think I paid $20 for a piece and it will do 2 bags. Joann's doesn't cut this just sells it by the piece. Zippers, d-rings, heavyweight interfacing probably another $10 total. I guess I have $40 in this bag, I don't have any idea what a laptop bag costs but I know there isn't another one that looks like mine. Call that priceless?!?!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Hi-Tech Tote

After several days of bits of sewing, I have finally finished my laptop tote, Hi-Tech Tote by Indygo Junction. It turned out better than I imagined and I am so very pleased with it. I am planning to make another one for a Christmas present. When I am constructing Hi-Tech Tote #2, I will make some changes. Here they are if anyone is considering making this one. Note: Blogger is not cooperating to load more than 2 pictures, I will edit sometime tomorrow. Drats, had all these plans for this post and my multitude of pictures.
  • Move the D rings on the side up, the bag isn't that steady on my shoulder, wants to wobble back and forth. My side looks like the picture but I think the D ring right below the zipper would be better. Here is a picture:

  • Consider the color of the zipper before buying the fabric. The pattern calls for a 22" sports zipper and an 18" sports zipper. These are limited colors so the zipper might be the determining factor in the fabric choice. Me? I had the fabric first, the navy looks fine, I think.
  • I did this change during construction. The pattern has you put the lining fabric wrong side up, then the 1/2" upholstery foam, then the outside fabric right side up. All unfinished edges are to be serged. Well, this not so nice looking serging shows from the inside. I decided to cut 1-1/2" strips of fabric. I sewed it down on one side of the serged seam, then wrapped it around the seam and hand stitched it down. Here is a picture of the serged seam and the wrapped seam:
  • For the bottom, I hand stitched the raw seams to the bottom of the bag. Then I measured the bottom of the bag, cut a piece of Timtex this size, covered it with a fabric piece. This was then stitched down to the bottom of the bag. Ta-da a much nicer inside of the bag.
  • I bought the required amounts of fabric as stated on the materials needed, there is very little left. I would have liked to make the padded wrap for the laptop but I will need to do some patchwork or order more fabric.
  • It is diffult sewing the upholstery foam "sandwich", Indygo Junction recommends using clothes pins to hold the "sandwich" together. I wonder about sewing 3 of the sides with the 1/2" SA, inserting the foam and then sewing the last seam. Sounds like it would work. I was using my dd's very basic Pfaff Smart machine and the needle position does not adjust. My Viking is in for cleaning and a few minor repairs, boy did I miss that adjustable needle position.

Now for the likes of this bag:

  • The zipper pocket (as seen in the first picture)
  • The divided side pocket
  • The attention to detail by Indygo Junction.
  • The padded sides, bottom, front and back. A very sturdy tote for your laptop.
  • The cute details: piping, the short handles and the general look of the bag.

This was a fun project that took some thought and time but was so very worth it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Notebook Covers All Around

Busy here making those just too cute notebook covers, thanks again to Craft Apple. The upper left was made by my 11 year-old daughter, I think she did a fantastic job. Her twin sister doesn't care to sew but didn't want to miss out on a cover. She picked out the aquas, yellows and pinks for her cover and then went into the kitchen and made a batch a peanut butter cookies. Yes, very yummy, she is an excellent cookie baker. I made the fall color one and noticed 5 of my 6 charm packs all are in the fall colors. Was I ready for fall or what?
Notebook covers are going to be a big item on my Christmas sewing list. I told my twins, we will buy 10-15 composition notebooks at Target tomorrow night. I need to restock on Heat and Bond lite, too. Oh, darn a trip to the fabric store!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Feeling Like Fall

Finally, it is feeling like fall around here. Not only the weather but the outside of my house. I haven't been sewing too much but working outside and attending my daughters' activities. Thought I would share some photos of my work.
I might add, I LOVE fall. The colors, the change in weather (cooler, it is suppose to be cooler) and the wonderful activities. Our family had a weiner roast on Sunday, mmmmm - S'mores!!
On the sewing/crafting front. I need to find buttons for my Built by Wendy blouse, it is a winner. Also, I am working on a cover for a notebook. You can find instructions at Craft Apple - thanks Lindie.
Okay, that is all for now - cooking calls.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Presents this morning from my family and then flowers delivered to work from my hubby!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

It is Monday

Can you believe it is Monday again? Well it is almost over as I write this but still they roll around so quickly. It is going to be a very busy week and I took advantage of a couple quiet hours late this afternoon. I made a top for me Christine Jonson's Shirred Top , fabric from Joann's. This is one flattering top and quick, too.

How do you like my picture? The wind was blowing so hard, it knocked my dressform over once. The UPS truck was coming down the road and saw me, I bet it was wondering what this crazy lady was doing!!! This picture makes me smile, very Halloweeny (is that a word?), arms flying in the wind, headless object.

Here is my potholder from Amy Butler's book. The patches are not perfect squares, the pattern piece has curved edges. I didn't want you to think I couldn't cut straight!

Here is the back
Now one last potholder if you can handle it. This is the other one made by the other twin