Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Pictures of the Hi-Tech Bag

Detailed review of this pattern in the post below but blogger wasn't cooperative last night for more pictures. I am just adding the pictures here with a short descriptions.

Inside of bag - you can see the seam with the coordinated fabric binding and the other seam wiht the serged edge.

Bottom of the bag, inside view. This is a covered piece of Timtex, hand stitched so the bottom seams are hidden under the Timtex.

Inside view of the bag:

Holding my laptop:

One comment asks about the cost.... let's see do I really want to add it up- ha ha!!! Hubby doesn't read my blog so it is okay. No, I am just kidding, he wouldn't care.

Fabric - Just over 2 yards for all - so that would be $10 to $20 depending on type of fabric. Upholstery foam - I think I paid $20 for a piece and it will do 2 bags. Joann's doesn't cut this just sells it by the piece. Zippers, d-rings, heavyweight interfacing probably another $10 total. I guess I have $40 in this bag, I don't have any idea what a laptop bag costs but I know there isn't another one that looks like mine. Call that priceless?!?!!!


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Yes, I'd call that priceless! When I added up the cost of my Nappy bag, it was about $40 - so I try not to add it all up anymore.

    So is the bag called "hi-tech" because it holds a lap top or because it is so incredibly difficult to make??? It looks like a very challenging bag, but also looks well worth it. Very nice bag. I think the zipper color looks great.

    Also, I left blogger for Wordpress. It's free, and I've kissed those picture loading problems goodbye!

  2. I agree, it's priceless. That is a beautiful bag, you should be so proud to tote that around. It's gorgeous!