Sunday, November 12, 2006

More Christmas Presents Completed

Notebook covers for friends, teachers, and others. I made nine this weekend, one is missing. I have that one packaged to send my niece. I also made 4 fabric notecards. Heading to update my list, checking it twice like Santa!


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    That's a fantastic teacher gift idea - I've been trying to rack my brain what to do this year.

    Where did you buy your notebooks?

  2. Those covers are incredible. I love the colours that you used. Great job!

  3. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Pretty, pretty! What great gifts, huh? I've already begun gifting some of mine. :o) I like the one with the big circle - I gotta try me one of those.

  4. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Look at all you accomplished! One is prettier than the next. Great gifts.