Sunday, May 22, 2022

Burnside Bibs - June and Lu Fabrics

I saw on a RTW site floral bibs and I just kept thinking about them.  The more I thought the more I needed them and so I bought fabric and made myself a pair of floral bibs.

I went with Sew House Seven's Burnside Bibs, which I have made twice before.  I just love this pattern, the style is so fun and the construction is amazing.  In February, June and Lu had a sale so I purchased this See You at Six Cotton Gabardine Fabric.  The floral seemed the right scale for the bibs I wanted.  I did wash and dry this fabric twice before I started on this project.  So fabric in February and now it is May and I got them made.  On Instagram stories, I asked for help on the length, long or cropped.  Cropped won by quite a bit and that was the way I thought I would do it.  Then I started to think about it, why not long then I can always crop them.  I am so happy with this decision, it just seems right for the fabric.

If you have not tried this pattern, you should.  It is amazing, great fit, incredible instructions and just fun.  I love sewing them up and really they go pretty quickly.  I like to do them it sections, one night the bib part, the ties and belt loops, then pants/zipper.  

Since I received the fabric, I thought the flowers looked a bit blue, a very pale blue.  My thought was to get a light blue fabric to make a t-shirt and bring out that blue.  Well, the exact fabric came in the mail.  I have a subscription to the Indie Stitch box and this month had the perfect ribbed light blue fabric.  The pattern wasn't one I wanted to make, so the fabric is now a True Bias Rio Ringer Tee and the perfect compliment for the Burnside Bibs 

This photo really shows the blue of the shirt

I put this on yesterday to get pictures and Mike just kept saying how cute I looked and how much he liked these.  I said I have made these bibs twice before and he said, I know, I like all of them.

Junior likes them, too!  LOL

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Sewing for Youngest Granddaughter

I decided it would be fun to sew for each granddaughter and then move onto the next one.  Last fall I did a batch sewing for all three girls and it was fun but I was running out of steam at the end

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Coram Top with Embroidery created in mySewnet

I am jumping on the pocket embroidery trend but not hand embroidery, with my wonderful mySewnet software.

I had an idea to use some of the floral Super designs and then modify to separate the floral part from the foliage part

Here is my floral design, which I stitched out by itself on the shirt front.  I did draw out the shirt on the fabric and mark the approximate placement for this design.  I did not cut anything out until after stitching out the design. 

Then here is the foliage part and I will put up a video tutorial soon.  I stitched this on a large rectangle, then cut it out the pocket.  

Here is how it looks all together

The fabric is from my Indie Stitch Box which was suppose to be for a skirt pattern included.  I don't wear many skirts and I think it is too light for a skirt but was perfect for my shirt.  The pattern I used was Coram Top, one of my favorites for wovens.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Simplicity 9052 - Style Maker Fabrics

This fabric!!!! I ordered last May and finally had time to make a jacket.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Kid's Set

I was asked to make some items for an agriculture related fundraiser auction, so I did just that and had so much fun