Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Flannel Carry Blouse

A flannel shacket next on my planned makes and this one did not disappoint.  Plus I had fun styling it three different ways, my favorite is the gray turtleneck sweater

I used The Carry Blouse again, which is perfect for the shacket I wanted.   The fabric is another one from Style Maker Fabrics  and it is a gorgeous one.  For this one I made the cuffs wider and longer.  On my previous Carry, the cuffs were just a bit too tight and with layering this one, I knew I needed more room

I love sewing with plaids and matching plaids, it is challenging and fun at the same time and rewarding.  I did the back yoke on the bias


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  2. Very nice. One of my goals this year is to make me a nice flannel shirt.

  3. The fabric is another from Style Maker Fabrics, and it is stunning. I made the cuffs bigger and longer for this one. The cuffs on my last Carry were a little too tight, and I knew I wanted more leeway with this one because I was layering it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Keep up the good job! Continue to spread the word. Please take a peek at my website.
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